Gigabyte Powers the RLG FIFA Championship For The Second Consecutive Year


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The RLG FIFA 15 Championship powered by Gigabyte and organized by Redline Technologies and GLD Studios concluded on September 26th at the Crescat Boulevard. With prizes worth over Rs. 100,000, this was by far the biggest prize pool seen to date for a single player title. It was also marked as a Ranked tournament under the terms and conditions of Gamer.LK.

Image Credits: RLG Gaming PCs
Image Credits: RLG Gaming PCs

The tournament took place in two stages: the preliminary group stages that commenced on the 16th and the play-offs for which 6of the 8 qualifiers picked through the preliminary rounds. The remaining two were invited to the playoffs based on past performance and current ranking.

As with the previous iteration of the event, the 2015 event also enforced fully manual gameplay controls in order to bring out the real skill of the players. This not only posed a larger challenge but also showcased the true player potential. And indeed it did, the pros made  playing on manual controls look easier than the rest of playing with assists.

Image Credits: Kaushalya Prabuddha
Image Credits: Kaushalya Prabuddha

The preliminaries turned out to be very entertaining as two newcomers were able to top their groups against a few popular names. New names started to show a lot of potential against known pros. At the end of the prelims, a draw of 8 was made including four from Phoenix GaminG, one from Maximum eSports, and three standalone names.

The day of the main event came. The rumblings of heavy thunder ran a close second to bigger thundering cheers coming out from the Crescat Lobby area. An eye-catching setup for the players was made where individuals were given the equal prominence which only teams get. Competitors were divided to sides with a impressive real-time spectator projection situated in the middle. The area extended further with two of RLG’s latest Sniper V2 machines placed at each side. One with a GeForce Titan X running a maxed out version of Witcher 3 on a 4K UHD display, the other running a 144Hz monitor hooked up to it. Yes, even the supporters took some time off from watching the matches to look at these beauties, maxed out, being played on a dream rig.

Image Credits: Kaushalya Prabuddha
Image Credits: Kaushalya Prabuddha

Though the Sniper V2s were extremely tempting, the walking audience couldn’t resist turning their eyes away from the nail-biting matches for long. The first game was between two clan mates: the defending champion PnX|Sharpshooter vs the second runner up from 2014, PnX|Heat. Sharpshooter continuously brought pressure to Heat with countless shots on target. With a 1-0 score, Heat defeated the former champion and proceeded to the semifinals.

From Left: Afdhal ‘PnX|Sharpshooter’ Muvaffik, Cavin ‘PnX|Cuztom55’ Ganarajah, Moin ‘PnX|Moin’ Altaf, Arkam ‘PnX|Heat’ Iqbal. Image Credits: Phoenix GaminG

The following games had more goals to cheer for than the first. PnX|Cuztom55 defeated Ozzy to a close 2-1 score while PnX|Moin secured his seat with an under 10 minute in-game time goal along with another near full time goal against Heatzer from Maximum eSports. The last match of the quarters was between Maviboy and Game Changer. Maviboy was outplayed to a 2-1 score by Game Changer, leading him to the semifinals.

Heat met another one of his clan-mates, Cuztom55 in the semifinals. After an extremely tight match, Heat’s streak came to an end to an honorable 1-0 score, giving Cuztom55 the first slot of the finals. Meanwhile, a game changing play by Game Changer defeated Moin to a 2-0 score in the semifinal, taking him to the grand finals against Cuztom55.

Before the 3rd place playoff between PnX|Moin and PnX|Heat took place before the finals. After a tough game  PnX|Moin, the runner-up from the previous tournament emerged victorious and was secured the position of 2nd Runner Up.

It was fierce. Game Changer dominated the first half of the game showcasing some smooth moves. It all changed during the last few minutes of the second half when Cuztom55 retaliated during the second half and scored the winning goal that once again brought Phoenix GaminG the victory at RLG FIFA Championship.


  • Winner – Cavin “Cuztom55” Ganarajah 
  • 1st Runner-up – Ijaz “Game Changer” Mafahir
  • 2nd Runner-up – Moin “Moin” Altaf
The FIFA15 Champion, Cavin "Cuztom55" Ganarajah. Image Credits: Kaushalya Prabuddha
The FIFA15 Champion, Cavin “Cuztom55” Ganarajah. Image Credits: Kaushalya Prabuddha

The winner was awarded a Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 3 motherboard, which supports the latest 6th gen processors. The first runner up received a Gigabyte H97 Gaming Motherboard, the second runner up received a Gigabyte J1800 Combo, and the third runner up received a Prolink Fervor Pro Wireless headset. The remaining quarter finalists received Prolink gaming mice.

All things must come to an end, so it was with the RLG FIFA 15 Championship. Amidst shouts of joy, action and excitement for all eSports enthusiasts and gamers, those new to the gaming scene were also given a good view especially with regard to the RLG Sniper V2 gaming PC (not to mention playing Witcher 3 maxed out at 4K). RLG once again managed to host a solo titled tournament giving the prominence the players deserve.


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