The Start of Something New: Rush Coders v1.0


Hackathons are fast becoming a dime a dozen. But that doesn’t mean that the ideas seen at them are all the same. Rather, the ideas seen at hackathons are slowly improving. Rush Coders v1.0 is the latest entrant to the array of University level hackathons.

What is Rush Coders v1.0?

In case you didn’t know, Rush Coders v1.0 is the first of a hackathon series that was organized by the Department of Computer Science in the University of Ruhuna. Initially aimed as an intra university hackathon, Rush Coders 2018 would later be developed into an inter-university event.

Rush Coders v1.0
Rush Coders v1.0 under way (Image Credits: Facebook)

Kicking off on the 11th and 12th of August 2018, Rush Coders v1.0 took place within the halls of the University of Ruhuna itself. A total of 18 teams took part in Rush Coders v1.0, with 3 teams being picked as the winners. So what were the winning ideas at Rush Coders v1.0?

Safety alerts via Pixel detector by Team B3G

Rush Coders v1.0
Team B3G making their presentation (Image Credits: Facebook)

The product’s goal is to alert owners about their belongings when they are away. The device uses a camera to detects changes between picture frames. Any movements would change the number of pixels. If such a movement is detected, the owner is alerted via SMS and email with along with visual evidence. The device can also be also programmed to send alerts to other important contacts such as the police, fire department, or a hospital.

Custom make your Jewelry by Team Revenants

Rush Coders v1.0
Team Revenants making their pitch (Image Credits: Facebook)

If you’re on the lookout for jewelry, you might be confused with the sheer number of designs from the various designers. This team aims to solve that by allowing users to custom make their own jewelry designs. Once the customer has made a design, they can request a quote from the jewelry vendor. The platform is also a viable opportunity for Jewelry vendors to showcase their products, price offers and analyses customer trends.

Simplified trip planner

Rush Coders v1.0
Team BrainScope making their pitch (Image Credits: Facebook)

This one was aimed at all those who love to travel. If you’re going to a place that you are unfamiliar with, finding out the exact details about the place and places to stay can be time-consuming and a deterrent to the actual trip itself. Simplified Trip Planner aims to do away with all that.

By means of a mobile app, you can find great locations based on your preferences. You can also provide quick recommendations from places to visit to restaurants and hotels. The specialty of the app empowers small & medium scaled vendors to contribute and share unknown places and events nearby.

And that wrapped up Rush Coders v1.0 hackathon

Speaking a few words on Rush Coders v1.0, Niroshan Madampitige, Head of Delivery for Gapstars explained that “It is very encouraging to see the passion and commitment demonstrated by these students. The possibilities are endless, and we need to keep providing opportunities for such students to come forward and showcase their talents”.t

As stated earlier, Rush Coders v1.0 is the first of many hackathons that would be organized in this manner. You can stay tuned to more updates from the Computer Science Students’ Community University Of Ruhuna via their Facebook page for more details on their upcoming hackathons.

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  1. It was a great hackathon for all participants and it was well planned and organized by the organizing commitee. It was a great please to see this article. Good job Ruhuna BCS

  2. It was a great job and well organized by the Organizing Commitee BCS Ruhuna…Happy to see such kind of article..Thank You All!

  3. It was a great opportunity to show the innovative ideas and development skills of students in University of Ruhuna. Special thanks for the judge panel members for mentoring students.


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