Public fornication? No, it’s the Symphony Experiment Xrays, aka S.E.X., opening up with the classic “Rock machine”. Pulsing red lights and cheers resonate. We’re witnessing an almost flawlessly synced, tight bandand they show off everything from their vocals to the smooth guitars, bringing back the best of rock-and-roll in a clean performance. The vocalist’s one of the best we’ve seen on a Sri Lankan stage.

The masked, enigmatic Bro Botz claim the stage and put up a performance worthy of the name. Comparisons to the spooky robot mime dance that aired previously are ¬†inevitable. It’s not as tight as the solo act, but without a doubt it’s one of the better-synced group dances, powered by Srillex shifting between fluid and robotic.

The compere (we’re sure he’s doing this on purpose) comes up on stage and starts a weird chant….)

Next up is Damien Van Velzen. Micheal Jackson’s pretty popular today, because this guy’s moves are ¬†full of MJ. A promising but disjointed performance.

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