Safetica launches in Sri Lanka


Data breaches are all too common today. We find it on the news almost every now and then about massive leakages and financial losses. Remember WikiLeaks? With so many devices and employees in an organization there are thousands of ways of how data can be lost or stolen. Can this be prevented? “Well, yes with Safetica it’s possible” says Pavel Kratky, CTO of Safetica, at the launch in Hotel Galadari last evening.


Developed in the Czech Republic and successfully deployed in South East Asia, Safetica allows the management of a company to assess productivity and security by monitoring mechanisms that will keep them updated on the usage of each of the office computers. In other words, even though everything is going well, now the management has the ability to know if everyone is actually ‘working’.

How ethical is this is up for debate. However, using this software, CEOs could even detect whether employees are using their personal emails or devices such as pen drives and mobile phones to leak sensitive information out of the organization. Whenever a suspicious activity takes place, the software will alert the administrators.

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Will this impose a blanket ban on social media sites? Not completely, but rather it will help administrators to moderate and regulate the online activities of employees. We’re still doubtful how this might turn out. Surely limiting Facebook affects most of us Sri Lankans emotionally, especially when you have to feed your cows in Farmville.

On the positive side, Safetica is the only Data Leak Prevention software (DLP) that offers complete prevention from human factor failures. In the hunt for perfect cover from all major threats, it incorporates a wide range of security features, which would otherwise require multiple software and services to be installed in a company.



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