Same Pattern, Different Architecture



The Colombo Architecture Meet up held on the 30th of April 2013 was about how design patterns could be used over evolvement of different architectures. The speaker, Samudra Kanankearachi, Software Architect at 99X Technology had his main focus on why developers fail to understand Product Architecture and how important architectural requirements can be when it comes to large scale production. Samudra showed that there is a design gap between architectural and functional requirements, and by using certain approaches we can fill the gap.


Explaining the significance of Object Oriented Concepts, he stated that combination of design and values could bring out patterns as solutions to recurrent problems. However, in any problem it is important to realize the architectural and functional requirements, and this could be achieved with responsibility driven designing. He further explained the guidelines and concepts which can refractor the bulky code into a design pattern. The example of a customer module explained the purpose of each design pattern with the usage of object oriented frameworks.


This informative session concluded with how usage of patterns can evolve into architecture, not forgetting to mention about the trade off cost between maintainability and implementation.

Checkout event album here.


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    You have seen my performance specs. What more do ypu want?


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