Sampath IT Ties With HP To Provide HaaS


It’s not often that we find ourselves well-dressed at 6.30pm on a Thursday evening. But this was for an interesting cause. Sampath IT, the driving force behind the IT Infrastructure of Sampath Bank organized an experience center of sorts showcasing a lineup of devices engineered by HP and Intel. The event was held at the Jaic Hilton Residencies on the 27th of April 2017. Think of it as the HP Elite Experience.

Ranjith Samaranayake was up first

Ranjith, the Chairman of Sampath IT and Group Finance Director delivered the welcome address where he thanked all those attending. He spoke about the connection that exists between SITS (Sampath IT Solutions) which is a subsidiary of Sampath Bank since the year 2006, and is also owned by the same, and HP. As such, HP joined forced with Sampath IT to provide a number of devices to customer of Sampath IT. Ranjith also spoke about the history of Sampath Bank, especially with regard to being the trendsetters in the banking industry.

Sampath IT
Ranjith Samaranayake addressing the audience
Image Credits: Mahesh de Andrado

The Unibank concept too, was introduced by Sampath Bank along with the first Debit and Credit Cards. Considered the IT leader in the Local banking industry, Sampath Bank and Sampath IT also introduced a unique business model to reduce capital expense, better scalability and security. As such, Sampath IT Solutions is the leader in OPEX Business Model.

Next up was the CEO of Sampath IT, S. Muralidharen 

was up next to talk about what Sampath IT is and what they do.Conceptualized in the year 2006, Sampath IT provides a variety of services such as software development, IT consultancy services, data center systems and OPEX services. With regard to OPEX, it primarily deals with HaaS or Hardware as a Service. This is where rather than purchasing hardware outright, or leasing it from a provider, the essential hardware and technologies are provided by an IT provider for a monthly fee. This is especially helpful for small and medium enterprises as it helps them get all the functionality they need, whilst at the same time having a more manageable and predictable cost.

Sampath IT
S. Muralidharen addressing the audience
Image Credits: Mahesh de Andrado

Muralidharen went on to explain that outdated IT equipment can be dangerous to your business as it can fail resulting in data loss. With regard to Sampath IT, they would provide HaaS to companies this reducing their capital expense and also bidding farewell to Obsolescence as you can always keep your hardware updated. You would also get better troubleshooting and maintenance. With all these in place, Sampath IT would be able to help your business grow whilst also providing better scalability and security.

After that was a presentation by Manjula Jayasinghe

Manjula, the Country Business Manager of HP walked the audience through a lineup of new HP products targeted at business users. He too spoke about HaaS and DaaS (Device as a Service). As part of their global services, HP can actually customize the devices to suit your company’s requirements and needs. In addition, they would also provide priority services, optimization, maintenance and disposal at the end of the product life cycle. Manjula spoke about the protocols that HP uses in these corporate environment such as relevant security strategies. These include technologies such as HP Sure View, HP Secure Erase, HP Workwise which is a smartphone application used to monitor the statistics of your HP device, HP Sure Start etc.

Sampath IT
Manjula Jayasinghe
Image Credits: Mahesh de Andrado

Manjula then spoke about Visual Hacking. With regard to that, HP has implemented a software in their devices such as Laptops that would essentially darkens the screen of your laptop so that others cannot view the data from a different angle. He also gave a brief summary of some of the new HP products such as the HP EliteDesk 800, ProDesk 600 and ProDesk 400.

The last speaker for the day was Ginsara Dias

Ginsara, the Category Manager – Print – Asian Emerging Countries at HP used an example of an industrial hacker. His presentation went on to show exactly how one can secure your business through your printer.

Today’s Printers are a lot like PCs. They can connect to the internet, it has a memory, it can send and receive email, and connect to your businesses local network as well. Printing security requires an end-to-end approach. To that end, HP provides some pretty strong protocols and also claims to provide the most secure printers in the world. Manjula them spoke about the protocols taken to protect Printers from malicious attacks. This ranges from device security, to actually protecting the print data itself.

Asanka Perera, Marketing Manager of Sampath IT was up to deliver the vote of thanks

He thanked each and every member for their support and guidance. He also thanked the HP team and the team at HP Printers along with the team at Sampath IT for their help and support.

Sampath IT
Some of the devices presented by HP
Image Credits: Mahesh de Andrado

With that, the event came to an end and the audience was invited for cocktails and refreshments whilst also perusing a number of HP devices put on display.


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