Dual Camera Modules to be supplied by Samsung To Chinese OEMs


Dual camera modules seem to the in-thing nowadays. First we had Huawei launching their P9 series of flagship smartphones in collaboration with Leica. Now it appears that Samsung will join the fray in providing dual camera modules to Chinese OEMs

Samsung Electro-Mechanics (note that it is not Samsung Electronics) have been responsible for supplying single camera modules to Xiaomi. With the introduction of dual camera modules, you will possibly see the Xiaomi Mi 5S, scheduled to be launched in the latter half of this year with these modules installed. In addition, Samsung also has the possibility of supplying dual camera modules to another Chinese manufacturer, Oppo Electronics who became the world’s fourth-largest smartphone seller in the first quarter of this year after selling 18.5 million handsets. Quite impressive indeed.

dual camera
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Dual Camera modules for everybody

It’s not only Xiaomi that may benefit from this bump in camera hardware, either, as Samsung are also said to be in discussions with OPPO, who are responsible for devices like the F1 Plus and R7s, to receive the new module.

LeECO, originally established as a contents provider, unveiled its first smartphone in April 2015. It sold more than 5 million of the phones by the end of last year.

The deal between Samsung Electro-Mechanics and the Chinese OEMs would hopefully reduce the company’s reliance on Samsung Electronics, which thus far has accounted for around 61.8% of sales in 2015.

Furthermore, a more significant news would be that the Chinese manufacturers will now have access to enhanced camera modules. Given the plethora of devices that are produced from china are usually aimed at the lower end of the price spectrum, the implementation of these new dual camera modules could possibly mean that the prices of these smartphones has fallen to a point where it makes sense for China to consider them for use in its smartphones.

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