Samsung Files Patent To Use Holographic Images For Smartphones


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The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office houses some of the wildest and wackiest patents ever known. But there comes a time when one of these ideas seems the wackiest and also the coolest. It belongs to non-other than Samsung. The patent? A technology that would enable a device to display holograms. Yes Holograms! Though they are not exactly the full size holograms you would see from sci-fi blockbusters. More like smaller versions of them.

Image taken from
Image taken from

So how does it work? Well, the patented device would have a regular body and a screen. A light emission device would be placed right above the screen, with another slightly thicker material placed on top of the image source. The result? The ability to visualize your icons and content within that piece of material (which is not yet divulged).

Image taken from
Image taken from

OK so maybe it’s not that high tech but what you need to know is that ye modern day smartphone is limited in terms of space and resources, hence Samsung’s decision to implement this technology seemingly appears to be only for small holograms and icons. Still, it’s a pretty cool feature that we could expect on future Samsung smartphones.

With regard to actual production, no exact dates have been mentioned or whether or not the patent will actually be filed and accepted. Samsung has been known to be pretty bold with innovation. They were among the first to implement flexible displays and also curved smartphones. They also launched SUHD Curved TVs and were even rumored to be working on an 11k display for their smartphones.

Gimmick or not, this is indeed a cool feature if they can implement it.

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