Samsung Launches SUHD Curved TV In Sri Lanka


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By now I assume you know that we (the readme team) travel a lot. And by a lot I mean quite a distance. From Jaffna to Kandy, to everything in between. Well this time we found ourselves in a place you would least expect to find us. We were at Casa Colombo. Why you ask? Well the answer is quite simple. It’s all because Samsung launched its revolutionary SUHD (Super Ultra High Definition) curved TV in Sri Lanka.

Not only does the TV boast a UHD 4K (3840 by 2160) resolution, (which is 4*the resolution of a regular Full HD display), it’s also powered by Samsung’s proprietary Tizen Operating System which brings TVs closer to mobile devices and Internet-based streaming content. Basically it’s a really smart TV that can display 4K content and look good whilst doing it.

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In addition, the SUHD TV also utilizes proprietary eco-friendly nano crystal technology which supposedly provides better color reproduction, brightness, contrast and details. Delving a bit more into the technical side of things, the nano crystal technology uses semiconductors that transmit different colors of light depending on their size in order to produce color and light relatively superior to competitors in the market at present. You get upto 64 times more color (a bold claim indeed), 2.5x the brightness and 10x better contrast as you would in a regular television. Users can also stream content from their mobile device to the TV via Wi-Fi Direct. The TV also has and Bluetooth wireless technology which can be used for device discovery.

The Tizen OS also introduces a new Smart Hub interface for users to get access to streaming and other content (such as NetFlix).

The SUHD TV also features Samsung’s Chamfer bezel design to make it look more minimal whilst still giving the viewer more depth to the TV screen. Having witnessed it firsthand, we can attest that the curved element of the panel does seem to provide a surround-esque environment making the viewer feel that they are engulfed in what they’re watching.

As the event began, the audience (ourselves included) were asked to look at the display that had been set up, which provided a number of video ranging from the science behind Tizen, what we can expect from a 4K TV in terms of quality and content and even sample 4K videos just to tease us.

Managing Director of Samsung Electronics, Sri Lanka, Youngmin Shin was introduced and he spoke about how the new model S of Samsung’s UDH TV lineup offers an unparalleled viewing experience and how Samsung thrives to push the boundaries of home entertainment to new frontiers.

It was then time to officially unveil the Samsung SUHD TV. With an adequately timed drum roll (and the traditional pulling of the cloth from over the covered object), the TVs were unveiled for the world (or in this case the media) to see. And mind you they are indeed alluring. The main interface of Tizen is attractively designed and is easy to use.


Once the unveiling was done, it was then time for photographs, and there was a good 20-30 seconds where the room transformed into a disco ball with so many flashes going off at the same time. We too managed to snag a few pictures amidst all the flurry.


It was then time for the Samsung SUHD TV to shine, literally. The post-unveiling photograph session was followed by a demonstration of what the TV could do. Two TVs were set up with one displaying content ranging from nature to cookery and even a closeup of a very cute fox. The second screen was playing a live performance of Beyoncé. Both screens as we could see, were displaying 4K content at what we assumed was 120hz though the TV is able to display content at 240hz. Did we also mention that the TV has a quad core processor and motion control too?


Images were indeed sharp and clear we found ourselves slightly salivating looking at the videos of food being cooked on screen. Videos seem to be smoother than real life and startlingly clear in 4K. Clearly Samsung had done its research with this TV.

While Samsung’s SUHD TVs do represent a milestone in how users connect and interact with content, in all honesty, unless you have the cash to splash, displays of these nature are rather redundant. Putting aside the hefty price tag of Rs. 699,990 (for starters), you will also need 4K content to make a TV such as this worth the price you pay. Streaming services such as NetFlix are yet to make an appearance in Sri Lanka and we have trouble streaming Full HD content, let alone bear to stream a 4K video clip. But you got to admit having one of these in your room would be pretty cool.



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