The Samsung Odyssey: A Competitor to the Oculus Rift?


Ever since 2015, the world has been waiting for affordable VR headsets. Microsoft went all out saying that they would bring us these headsets but so far, we only go a few and they were not exactly wallet friendly. At an event held in San Francisco yesterday, Microsoft announced that a number of VR headsets would be arriving on the 17th of October 2017. The headsets would be from brands such as Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. In addition, Samsung too has come onboard to launch their own mixed reality headset.

Say Hello to the Samsung Odyssey

They call it the Samsung Odyssey. Priced at $499 (much like the other VR headsets being launched), the Samsung Odyssey sports a resolution of 2880*1660 in an OLED display. It has a refresh rate of 90Hz  and has a FoV (field of view) of up to 110-degrees. The Samsung Odyssey also includes an IPD adjuster. This allows you to change the distance between the two lenses, thus achieving a sharper image for VR content. The device is a straight up competitor for the Oculus Rift and is event priced the same (as stated above).

Samsung Odyssey
The Samsung Odyssey
Image Credits: CNET

Taking things a tad further, the Samsung Odyssey also includes premium headphones courtesy of AKG. The motion controllers that are bundled with the headset are built to the specifications set by Microsoft and the actually look like a cross between the controllers found with the Oculus Touch and the HTC Vive.

Microsoft seems to have the upper hand

Compared to other VR headset manufacturers, Microsoft seemingly has the upper hand. For starters, headsets created according to its specifications do not require external cameras to track movement. In addition, headsets such as the Samsung Odyssey can be used on lower spec machines as well. This makes it actually possible for low to mid-range PCs to experience VR content without splurging on new hardware.

Though primarily aimed at gaming, mixed reality headsets such as the Samsung Odyssey and other Microsoft partnered headsets could actually be the way we interact with our PCs in the not too distant future. Coincidentally, the date of October 17th coincides with when Microsoft is launching the Fall Creators Update so we should see support for these headsets straight out of the box, literally. The Samsung Odyssey, however, will be launched on the 6th of November 2017. If you’re interested in pre ordering your own Odessey, you can do so by clicking here


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