Samsung suing Ericcsson – and vice versa


Lawsuits, lawsuits everywhere. By now we’re thoroughly tired of the back-and-forth between Apple and Samsung.  As if that wasn’t enough, Samsung and Ericsson (one of the oldest players in the communications business) are butting heads over patent issues.

Earlier this month, Ericsson filed several patent infringement lawsuits against Samsung and requested that the US International Trade Commission halt the sales of Samsung products (including the famed S3 and the Galaxy Note).  This was because after two years of negotiations, Samsung had not yet agreed on fair licensing rates to use Ericsson’s patents. Apparently the smartphone giant wanted to get away with paying less than what Ericsson requested.

In turn, Samsung hit back, requesting a ban on Ericsson products on claims that Ericsson has violated seven Samsung patents. Most of the stuff covered under the ban include technologies for wireless communications and data transfer, including radio frequency and LTE networks.

Thankfully, this is entirely out of Sri Lankan waters, since the sales bans are being sought in the US only (at the moment). Samsung smartphone shipments should proceed as usual – and we don’t use much Ericsson tech for communications: the majority of our networks equipment is supplied by Huawei and ZTE. If Ericsson DOES win this particular fight, Samsung will have to divert its products from the US, possibly leading to a price drop in other parts of the world.


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