Save Your Monkey Envisions Accessible Insurance For Everyone


Insurance and innovation. It’s not everyday you hear the two terms together and for good reason. Public perception for insurance often deems it to be a tiresome legal obligation. Some may even see it to be a complicated and tedious procurement. But the Save Your Monkey(SYM) team thinks they can change that.

So What’s This Monkey Business?

Simply put, Save Your Monkey or SYM is an online insurance product comparison platform. What this means, is that the platform would allow consumers to compare multiple insurance quotations and procure a policy via Additionally, the website would also serve as a knowledge hub that addresses common concerns when it comes to insurance for customers. Speaking at the launch event, Chathura Jayatissa, founder of SYM mentioned the fact that insurance is hardly an industry that goes through innovation. Hence, the idea behind the platform.

Save Your Monkey(SYM)
Chathura Jayatissa, founder of Save Your Monkey

But that’s not all. The team also introduced us to a roadside assistance app. This is essentially an Uber for insurance. With a simple slide on the app, an alert is sent to the relevant insurance provider. Within a targeted time span of 10 minutes, the assessor would arrive at the location of the accident. Speaking further on what the app offers, Sachira Fernando from Erbenlab talked about how the app can help you when your car breaks down. According to Sachira, the roadside assistance app will allow customers to request for assistance in times of car failure.

Save Your Monkey (SYM)
Sachira Fernando, CEO of Erbenlab

SYM: Value Additions And Future Plans

Addressing the audience, Dhanushka from the SYM team emphasized on the importance of collaboration. For example, imagine a situation where someone meets with an accident on the way. As Dhanushka states, SYM customers would not only be able to get the vehicle towed, but also will be able to make it to the intended destination thanks to the partnership with Uber Sri Lanka.

In conclusion, the Save Your Monkey service is offered to vehicle and travel insurances. With regards, to future plans, Chathura mentions that SYM may be seen in finance and other industries in times to come. We at ReadMe would like to wish the Save Your Monkey team the best of luck for the future.

So what you think about Save Your Monkey? Love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments below.



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