What We Saw: The Best Of Infotel 2014

Infotel’s ended – three days of trade-fair-slash-ICT exhibition have come to a halt, the banners have been packed up and the exhibitors gone home. While the highlights of this year didn’t quite reach the jam-packed noise of last year’s Infotel, it was definitely a larger event. Armed with a bunch of nifty MiFi adapters and data connections from Hutch, we roamed all over the premises and came across some rather interesting finds.
Our list of the best stalls starts with the IT Museum – not exactly an ordered collection, and the black-and-white printouts beneath the exhibits doesn’t exactly match, but it’s an interesting and rare glimpse into the history of computing in real life.
ICTA. What started out as a very boxy affair  a year ago evolved into an open stage for Spiralation startups to showcase their work – and that’s a lot of variety packed into an area approximately 10 stalls.
MSI Beat IT – one of the biggest crowd-pullers at the entire show, MSI kicked off some eSports clan rivalry smack in the middle of Infotel. In itself, it was a smaller version of the Sri Lankan Cyber Games, covering everything from old PC favorites like COD to console games. Winners walked away with expensive Steelseries gaming gear. We looked around to see if we could grab some MSI T-shirts with the dragon logo, but the red clashed with our Hutch-Readme Live Team tshirts and we left it at that.
Redline’s multiple stalls – Redline had another humongous crowd-puller, a corner for Unreal Tournament; another corner for racing games complete with a racing seat. Tons of people camped around here, playing games, and we literally hadto get in line to take a turn at the wheel.
Sala’s Future Home Stall – ostensibly a stall in which to advertise their products, Sala Enterprises did done a number on the usual blocky stall.
Ceylon Business Appliances- Most of their inventory was uninteresting save for one, which redeemed the whole display. A cashless vending machine. How does it work? You select your item, it adds the price to your mobile bill and you get your item. A concept we saw as a prototype at TADHack, but this one was an actual vending machine in mass production.
The Ministry of Defence – it’s weird that a government agency is actually turning out to be entertaining people, especially this one. Nevertheless, they’ve got an AK47 model hooked up – it’s a sort of simulator and it’s drawing quite a crowd, most of whom seem to be pretty terrible at shooting things.
What We Saw: The Best Of Infotel 2014 4


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