What we saw at the Yarl IT Hub Ideation Workshop


Sometimes people have to mingle up with others, who don’t belong to their industries, to find new solutions. Because it is believed that the more complex a problem, the more the solutions get complex. However, someone who doesn’t even belong to your industry could suggest something simple, which you wouldn’t have thought about. This is what we found at the Yarl IT Hub Ideation Workshop.

It was another beautiful morning in Jaffna, and we found ourselves seated at the HNB GREEN Building, on the 3rd of April. With the purpose of gathering what was going to happen, we made some of our “undercover agents” to register under the categories: Agriculture, Arts, Education and Medicine. Luckily, many experts from the above said sectors did turn up, were helpful in achieving the aim of the Yarl IT Hub’s workshop.

The teams at work at the Yarl IT Hub Ideation Workshop
The teams at work at the Yarl IT Hub Ideation Workshop

Although the sectors varied, the format of the workshop was common for all four. During the first hour of the workshop, each team wasto work among themselves identifying problems in their sector. And by the end of the hour, each team was to choose one problem and define it to the other teams. So, by the beginning of the hour, it was like “wouldn’t it be much better, if this problem in our sector could be solved”, and as the hour passed and came to an end, the sectors defined their problems like “we think this is one of the major issues that has to be solved.”

Since a problem in each sector had been defined, the teams were now supposed to think of solutions for their problem, which was not really an easy task. Although there was no such rule that the solutions had to be technology based, the complexity of the problem made the participants think that tech could easily solve the problems. A mixture of tech professional in teams must have easily helped them to come up with solutions.

The third hour was where the teams put forward a prototype of their solutions. And in this hour, the teams actually had to think again about their problems, and how their solutions will be seen by the end-users. It was more about the User Interface and whether their solutions solve the problems. After serious discussions and deep thoughts, they teams seemed to have enjoyed the prototype partly because they knew where they’re heading to, and partly because they’re allowed to use plastic clays, paints, and sheets as well. Not to mention, most of the participants felt being back at nursery doing something creative.

The teams at work at the Yarl IT Hub Ideation Workshop
The teams at work at the Yarl IT Hub Ideation Workshop

In the final hour, the teams were asked to pitch their ideas to the audience. Again, this allowed teams to gather some more suggestions from the audience, which could either be additional features in the solutions, or modifications that could be in the presented solutions. Above all, this hour covered up all the three hours.

According to our “undercover agents” from all the four categories, there are possibilities that the solutions brought forwarded at the workshop will become products at Yarl Geek Challenge Season 5. So, we thought not to spill the beans about the solutions until the competition. If you’re thinking about taking part in this years Yarl Geek Challenge. Stay tuned to our posts because the Yarl IT Hub has many more workshops planned to help you get ready for it.


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