What we saw at the Yarl IT Hub May 2016 Meetup


On the 28th of May, the Yarl IT Hub had organized a workshop for the participants of YGC season 5 Junior in the morning, and a meet-up in the evening. The workshop was mainly about and for YGC5 Juniors. At the workshop, the participants were briefed about the evaluation format and introduced to technologies they could use to polish their ideas.

Yarl IT Hub May 2016 Meetup
Image credits: Miller Alexander Rajendran

Around 2PM, the main event of the day commenced. The meet-up was a package of 4 small sessions: A talk on Robotics, an introduction to Startup Weekend, a session about the story of Speed IT Net and a session on innovation. The first session was delivered by Jathushan, who is a second-year Engineering student at the University of Moratuwa. He spoke about making robotics, and the technologies one could use or at least consider while making robots. He also demonstrated two of his team-mate robotics to the audience. He then went on to give a demo of a robot he made in the morning before the meet-up began. He, concluded by introducing Arduino to the audience and its effectiveness.

The second session was an introduction to Startup Weekend Jaffna, by Pirashanth. During this session, he spoke about what happens at Startup Weekend and extended an invitation to the audience to take part in the event which will be happening soon in Jaffna. He concluded by speaking about their achievements and what they’re planning to achieve in near future.

“Change is inevitable; change is all around us, and it is unavoidable. – Jay Causins.

The third session was the important one. Yarl IT Hub had invited a British innovator, who is currently residing in Germany, Jay Causins. During his presentation, Jay shared his own experiences to show the audience how to identify ideas that would change the world.

Jay Causins giving his presentation at the Yarl IT Hub May Meetup (Image credits: Yathusha Ulakentheran)
Jay Causins giving his presentation at the Yarl IT Hub May Meetup (Image credits: Yathusha Ulakentheran)

Finally, the last session Thavaruban who shared the story of his startup Speed IT NET. In case you’re lost, Speed IT Net is a startup that is based in Jaffna providing services like software development and network establishment. During his presentation, Thavaruban spoke about the difficulties he and his team came across while building and what they learned overcoming those difficulties.

Although the meet-up was supposed to wind up with Thavaruban’s talk, Jay Causins brought up an interactive session, in which the audience were supposed to speak about their passions and what they love working on. The interactive session was quite a useful one, for which most of the audience stayed back to take part in it.

With the conclusion of Jay’s interactive session, the meetup truly came to an end. Another successful meetup on the Yarl IT Hub timeline. This is but a prelude of things to come as Startup Weekend Jaffna is on the horizon. As always, we’ll be keeping an eye on what happens in the Jaffna techscape.


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