Have you seen the Internet by Amazon?


Now before you go in to a panic, this is not the actual Internet that we’re referring to. Rather, Amazon has been working on a web browser. It’s not exactly shocking or mindblowing. Or is it? Called Internet, the web browser has been developed for the Android operating system.

What’s so special about the Internet?

Well, again, we’re referring to the browser. Designed to use minimal storage on your phone’s device and also a minimal amount of mobile data, Internet by Amazon has actually been on the Google Play store since March. So why does no one know about it? Because Amazon hasn’t publicly announced that it was launched.

Internet by Amazon
Meet the latest browser to surf the internet, Internet. (Image Credits: pocket-lint)

In addition, the app is currently only available to users in India. Added to that, the browser will run only on devices that are running Android 5.0 and higher.

What are the features of Internet by Amazin?

The app is essentially a web browser that supports private tabs. These tabs do not save browser history, thereby saving up storage space on your device as no local storage is used. In addition, the homepage of the app also shows Cricket news and general news as well.

Why would Amazon launch Internet?

The answer to that lies in the apps usability itself. Akin to apps such as Facebook and Messenger Lite, YouTube Go, Maps Go and Gmail Go, the purpose of Internet is to be a slimmer version of an app that you would use. That doesn’t mean that there is a fully-fledged version of the app. Rather, it’s about providing the same basic features as the full apps would. The difference would be that the app would take up less space. They would also be more optimized for less reliable networks, where connections are spotty.

Internet by Amazon
Android Go apps offer the same basic functionality, with reduced data usage and disk usage as well (Image Credits: iHowTo.Tips)

Further, as tech giants in the US are looking to expand and are seeing an increase in the number of people from developed countries using their apps, the companies are also testing the waters in emerging markets who may not be that well off.

If you’re interesting in checking out this new browser by Amazon, you can click here.


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