You Can Now Receive Files Upto 50MB Via Gmail


Have you ever had that annoying moment where you try to send or receive a file via Gmail but it ends up exceeding the attachment limit and you end up asking the sender to send it either via Google Drive or DropBox? Admittedly, sending and receiving attachments plays a large part in the way we work nowadays.

Image taken from: Cambridge Judge Business School

Well Google might have a solution to this.

Earlier today, Google announced that they have doubled the size of attachments for emails. So rather than 25MB, you can now receive attachments upto 50MB in size through Gmail.

Image taken from Digital Unite

On a sadder note, your outbound attachments are still limited to 25MB so anything larger will not be accepted or will have to be uploaded via a file sharing platform.

Why exactly would Google do this to Gmail?

Google’s ambition is to have people completely adopt Gmail and Gsuite as their primary collaboration and communication platform. Unfortunately, many workplaces are yet to make the switch. The new initiative by Google aims to makes it easier for Gmail users to receive large attachments such as high resolution images and presentations.

Thus far, no mainstream email client offers the ability to attach files larger than 25MB. Even Outlook and Yahoo mail offer only 20MB and 25MB, respectively. Yandex steps it up a notch by offering a 30MB limit for file sizes.

In Sri Lanka, most workplaces have around 5-10MB as a limit and often block files that are either compressed or images, the former being more hassling because it’s easier to just zip a file and send it across rather than attach individual files.

Although on the other hand, having a limit of 25MB makes sense. Why, you ask? Well, to put it simply, email is not secure. It can be intercepted. Apart from that, it can also slow down network traffic and cause delivery backups. Using a platform such as Google Drive or similar cloud service negates this and also provides a certain level of security.


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