The Sennheiser CX213 – The little earphones that could


Finding a good headset that is also affordable is not an easy task. There are a number of brands in the market, some original and some downright fake (like the Rs. 2000/- Beats Tour you get in most shops at Majestic City or Liberty Plaza).

But then you also get the good ones, those little diamonds in the rough, the pearls hidden underneath all the junk. Enter the Sennheiser CX213.

Straight off the bat this is a no frills set of in-ear earphones. From the packaging to its looks. The CX213 tries to be a step up to audiophile music for the masses. Let’s just see how it fares shall we?

The CX213 comes is colors of blue, white, black/gray and if you’re crazy enough, pink. Available at authorized distributors such as Dynamic AV and Redline Technologies, it is priced at Rs. 2500/- and comes with 2 years of warranty that covers manufacturers defects. The earphones are packaged in a plastic box with both sides of the earphone visible and the rest of the cabling is neatly tied up at the lower part of the box. To open, simply open either end of the box, take out earphones, plug in and you’re good to go.

IMG_20150810_181433Inside each package you will also find ear tips of for those with smaller or larger ear canals than the default one that it attached and believe me, having the right set of tips can make your music sound that much better. The shape of the earphones are what’s really catch. Unlike regular earphones that offer a sort of globular shape, the CX213’s frame is made so that the head can be gripped by your thumb and index finger to position them into your ears easily. The build of the earphones are also quite sturdy and the cable is quite solidly built too although it would be advised not to push your luck and tug on the cable lest it break. The cable itself measures 1.2M which is actually more than sufficient to travel the length of my back pocket to my ears. Rather than having a single cable, the CX213’s cable is made up of two individual cables that add to the sturdiness of the product and keeps things from getting rather tangled in one’s pockets.

329306_1b4a95c0-bcbf-11e4-ada5-b8df4908a8c2The CX213 has a standard 3.5mm audio jack making it compatible with any device that supports the connector. Going into the technical details, the CX213 has a Frequency response in the range of 25-20000 Hz and an Impedance of 16 Ω, pretty standard for a product of Sennheiser quality.

IMG_20150810_181722Once the ear tips are securely locked inside your ear canal, you’re ready to start listening to your music. Speaking of music, the CX213 does have a flair towards the lower frequencies so if you are into trance, EDM and techno then these earphones would give them the bass they deserve. Rock, pop and metal, well not so much. My playlist is pretty much a mashup of all of these styles and even more. I loaded up a few metal tracks and have to admit, they are not its strong point. These earphones are loud no doubt, but they also tend to lean towards the shrill side too. Dubstep, chillstep and electronica however had a good beat to it (pun intended) and I found myself bopping to the beat as I walk home from work every day.

Listening to songs that have a lot of cymbals and snares and guitar riffs such as heavy metal tend to be a tad headachy after a while and you tend to lose the finer details of the song due to that. On the plus side though, the CX213 offers quite a decent amount of noise isolation so it’s just you and your music, oblivious to your surroundings. Although it is recommended as a safety hazard to listen to your music at an acceptable volume if you’re walking on the road or travelling.

The ear tips also tend to get rather slippery with sweat and therefore tend to slip out of your ears whilst listening; not the ideal scenario when you’re out for a jog and have to constantly keep readjusting your earphones. But if you like me, tend to carry around a small handkerchief to clean said ear tips, then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

Overall, the Sennheiser CX213 are indeed a good deal for the price you pay, especialy considering the amount of fake headsets we have in the Sri Lankan market. They may not be as bass heavy or funky as Skullcandy or iDance, but they are indeed a step up towards listening to your music like an audiophile would.



  1. Still wondering how you can get an authentic Sennheiser at this price. Checked eBay also, and the minimum price tag is at $34 a pop. My colleague bought one from MC though for 2250 LKR and the quality is fine. Still wondering if it is authentic.

  2. This earphomes are very good for using it in any condition but this headphones have crashed in 5 months only now what should i do i think that company has given me fake earphones

  3. The bass is heavy, but the mids and highs are muted. Music from genres like EDM and Trance thus sound great with this pair. Overall, the vibrations from the bass can definitely be felt. Also can get for ₹ 700 on Flipkart’s sale. I’ve been using it for a year and can affirm to Sennheiser’s warranty experience


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