SeShell: Sri Lanka’s first ever open source Reference Test Automation framework


99X Technology QA team yesterday launched Sri Lanka’s first ever open source Reference Test Automation framework “SeShell”. The project was guided and supported by Jason Huggins (creator of the world famous Selenium Project) and was given the go ahead to proceed with this project. “SeShell” was officially launched by Mano Sekaram – CEO of 99X Technology.

This unique framework is built on top of world renowned open source libraries such as Selenium Web Driver, NUnit and Log4Net. The frameworks supports cross browser testing and Data Driven Testing. The test scripts are written using the concept “Page Object Model”.

Some of the benefits of the “SeShell” framework:

  • No need of copyright fee
  • Test scripts can be easily written
  • Maintainability of Test Suite
  • Real time updates in results dashboard
  • Use of best concepts and practices
  • Easy configuration
  • Saves time and effort


This Reference Test Automation framework was released with the objective in mind to enhance the experience of QA Engineers skills in web test automation and also for IT companies which does not have any automation framework to step into the world of test automation.

SeShell was released by 99X Automation Research Development team. The team consists of Eranga Uduwawala, Kishan Navaratne, Janith Gunasekara, Malinda Perera, Sahan Serasinghe and Himeshi De Silva.

 One of the main goals of the future road map of this project is to release the Java version by January 2013 which will enhance the framework for mobile and HTML5 application automation.

 You can contact the “SeShell” team via below links.


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