A Settlement of Rivalries – Get nAiled ‘14  


A month has passed, with the sound of firecrackers and taste of kavum enriching the Avurudu season giving all gamers a well-deserved break after the heavy rush of March.

Last time we experienced GamerFest – an event consisting of 8 titles. A few of the moments to remember were Team Maximum meeting nA | aurora in the finals of Call of Duty and Rider and SilentKnight from PnX taking Shaza and Knight from TM’ positions in Need for Speed. This time, those rivalries were projected into a new arena: Majestic City.

Get nAiled (Getnailed.n00balliance.lk) – a tournament organized by n00b Alliance, one of the oldest and most respected clans in Sri Lanka – was held on the 03rd and 4th of May at Majestic City. It consisted of three main titles – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Mortal Kombat 9, followed by a crowd requested Tekken Tag Tournament 2.. Just as how the crowd was able to witness this new gaming experience, the gamers themselves were fortunate to witness an arena where cheers of encouragement flew from three fully-packed floors.

As Mortal Kombat took the privilege of being the first title to conclude in the tournament. One highlight was the SLCG ’13 winner, Encore ‘kucf, changing colors to yellow and black, switching over to n00b Alliance. Rising to the challenge: Demon, Excalibur and GrimmJow from Phoenix Gaming entered the draw along with kucf and made their way as the top four – with Demon and kucf being in the top and GrimmJow and Excalibur struggling in the Loser Bracket.

Cheers from PnX gamers echoed throughout the Majestic City lobby as Demon was able to defeat kucf in the Winners Bracket final. Meanwhile in the Loser Bracket, GrimmJow once again faced-off against Excalibur to decide who would get another chance to take a shot at the title. As intense their battles always go, Excalibur was fortunate this time to get the upper hand and to challenge the last person to enter the Loser Bracket – kucf. This gave kucf yet another shot at the title – being very economical with his moveS, he defeated Excalibur to move on to the finals again against his ultimate rival – Demon. A fierce second showdown saw kucf emerge as the winner.

Mortal Combat

Kucf’s trusted teammate Gangster (who also moved from Encore to nA) stated that kucf is restrictraining himself from continuing his proper combos. Could it be true that kucf could be more deadly than he is now? If so, could it be that even Demon is in a lower level than him? Or could it be just rumors made to bring fear upon his opponents? Time will reveal that: for now, we witnessed this rivalry laid to rest and kucf emerge the undisputed king of Mortal Kombat.

Winner – nA | kucf

Runner-up – PnX | Demon

Need for Speed: Most Wanted – usually the title with most number of wild registrations, took a turn with having the least number of participants. However, small numbers it had no effect on the event’s enthusiasm – simply because Shaza and Knight representing Tech Morph were included in the small draw along with Rider, Striker and SilentKnight from Phoenix Gaming. Moving on to the finals, Knight took his chance for TM while Striker representing PnX was given a shot at the title: Knight emerged victorious.

Winner – TM | Knight

Runner-up – PnX | Striker

The crowd’s favorite title, Call of Duty took prominence once again at Get nAiled with 46 5-man (and woman) teams shooting their way for victory. There were no reasons make excuses or to avoid the action as iPwn, OutLaws, aurora and Team Maximum were there to leave their marks. Time flew with the sounds of bullets, cheers and epic shouts, but none of them were loud enough to match the tension of the two nail-biting semis where the two mostly anticipated teams; iPwn representing Xiphos e-Sports challenged Team Maximum from Maximum e-Sports and Tech Morph OutLaws faced-off against the organizers’ main team – nA | aurora. Hopes of x3 shattered with Team Maximum beating iPwn in a very decisive match.

While the shouts of x3 and Maximum for their match was loud and lusty, the aurora vs. OutLaws match went beyond to a different level of tension altogether, as a pin-drop silence haunted the venue. After going into 3 tie-breakers, OutLaws was able to restrict nA from moving on to the finals. A finals of OutLaws against Team Maximum was built and the whole crowd was filling the staircase and any spot they could find to catch the action live.

Unfortunately for everyone, the finals had to postpone as MC took down the power at 9pm. With Vesak and other life events coming for both teams, a date is yet to be confirmed to settle their scores and to bring a final conclusion for Get nAiled. Check back with this coverage soon to find out the latest on COD 4 finals.


Unexpectedly, nearly all the well-known Tekken faces appeared at Get nAiled on the second day. With the completion of Mortal Kombat on the first day and having a gap to fill, Tekken was hosted at the crowd’s request. Representing PnX; their young champion – Turbo, Rascal, Rider and SilentKnight faced against more known faces like Gangster representing nA. Thought not much prominence was given to Tekken, the event moved smoothly as it should be. Turbo walked away with the win.

Winner – PnX | Turbo

Runner-up – PnX | Rascal

Apart from the main titles, an exhibition League of Legends match was held with the current winners – nA | The Troll Brothers facing against a very special community picked All-Star team consisting of members from three teams. The members were Rune Satyr from Please Let Us Surrender, RaidenflyMidX from Team Deiyo along with DeathFalcon, Shadowblace and PartyPants from PnX | Insomniac Gaming Alliance. With their joint effort, it was truly a spectacular match to see as they were very tactical from beginning to end. Though TTB had an upper hand in kills against the All-Stars, proper planning, taking advantage of every moment and combined strategies led All-Stars to victory against TTB in a way like no other.


The weekend was filled with intense action and the crowd was enormous; Get nAiled concluded giving all gamers and the public an experience unlike anything they have witnessed before. We even saw some rarely seen banners floating around. For more information, including the draw, head over to www.gamer.lk. Stay tuned for updates!


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