ShipXpress to Expand Offshore Engineering Team in Colombo


ShipXpress Inc., a Florida based company that is one of the leading providers of cloud-based supply chain management software solutions, has announced a major expansion plan for its offshore engineering team based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

“We started back in 2000 with the vision that rail shippers could significantly improve the performance of their supply chains through reliable rail shipment reporting and analysis via the Web. Over the past 14 years, we have gradually extended the scope and versatility of our product portfolio and strengthened our market position. Now we are leaders in supply chain management software solutions for industrial commodities and carriers.” Said Charith Perera, CEO of ShipXpress.


Charith is a Sri Lankan who joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for a Masters in Management, where he met fellow student Seth Maerowitz, Chief Financial Officer. Having worked in the transportation and investment banking fields, Perera and Maerowitz formed ShipXpress in 2000, together with Raghu Misra, Chief Technology Officer.

“We have a healthy pipeline of Fortune 500 customers and our product roadmap for the next few years is both formidable and exciting. We are poised to reach new heights, and we want to significantly expand our engineering capacity. I’d like to share our growth plans with the software engineering community in Colombo and also our technological innovations, which will take place in our Colombo offices.” said Charith.

ShipXpress has currently procured an additional 10,000 square foot building that is located a mere 500 meters from their current office at Stanley Thilakaratne Mawatha, Nugegoda, which will literally double their workspace. These premises will be furnished with modern systems in a comfortable atmosphere to facilitate their software development and engineering teams. A Gym, Pool Table, Gaming Area, Swimming Pool and Health Club Memberships will be on offer at the new office which is due for inauguration in January 2015.

The ShipXpress corporate DNA is based strongly on the notion that ‘a happy staff is an innovative staff’ and the company invests a significant amount of resources on training, development and fun activities which also include involving family members in events and outings.

“When we founded ShipXpress, we did so to create a company that developed outstanding software and also create an environment that was fun and exciting to work in. While the team in Sri Lanka has grown rapidly, we still want to maintain the energy and creativity of a start-up”, said Seth Maerowitz.

The company’s product roadmap requires some serious work in the coming years. “We work hard and play hard. We are looking to hire really smart people with an aptitude for building top quality software. We don’t worry about designations and years of experience. Instead, we focus on evaluating and hiring those who understand the basic principles of software engineering and those who have a strong aptitude for software and coding. And of course, the candidates should have a lot of drive and common sense. Interviews are conducted in an extremely friendly manner and is focused on choosing those who can literally think on their feet.” Said Raghu Misra, Chief Technology Officer at ShipXpress.

“Our core platform is built using Java and related technologies. We got into the mobile bandwagon a little later than others due to the nature of our business, but now that we have drawn up plans, we are going to have tons of work in Smartphone platforms such as iOS, Android and other technologies that would bridge mobile interfaces with cloud-based data storage. We are also looking at hiring individuals who can help us build and deliver enterprise-class mobile apps to our customers; apps that offer quality and a user experience that is unsurpassed by our competitors. And of course, we need more people for the continuous improvement of our core web platform.” said Misra, speaking further about future plans.

The ShipXpress software team’s current headcount in Colombo is around 100 software and test engineers. The company budgets about 20% of its engineering team’s time on R&D, in order to discover and incorporate richer functionality into its core product, and to identify avenues for diversification. ShipXpress is a company for software developers, testers and UX engineers to keep an eye out for in the coming months as they follow an agile development mindset that fosters creative thinking while actively engaging in solving real world problems to define business requirements.


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