#SinhalaTranslateWeek is now online


We’ve been hearing about Sinhala Translate Week for a few days now, and it’s now online.

Taking a leaf out of Facebook’s translation communities, Google recently launched its own Translate Community. Building on that is Sinhala Translate Week, a 7-day crowdsourcing spree that invites people to pitch in and help improve Google Translate’s සිංහල skills. The incentive? Prizes from Google.


How does this work? This official page has a decent introduction to the process You first need to register yourself. Once that’s done, you can either pitch in as and when you feel like it via the translate interface, join a “Translation Run” – a bunch of other people doing this – or even host a Translation Run yourself.


We’ve been monitoring the hashtags, and as of the time of writing we haven’t seen a Translation Run. That might change. Pitch in!



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