What To Expect At Sri Lanka’s First Lean Six Sigma Conference


The Six Sigma Management Institute Asia or Six Sigma Asia, is bringing Sri Lanka’s first Organizational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma Conference. Kicking off on the 25th of May, the conference will feature key industry personnel and technical experts who will be talking about their story with Lean Six Sigma. But what is Six Sigma exactly?

Introduced by engineers Bill Smith and Mikel J Harry, Six Sigma refers to a set of tools and techniques utilized for process improvement. What this means is that it aims to improve the quality of an output via improving the process itself. So what can one expect at the Organizational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma Conference? Here’s a closer look.

The Speakers

Don Drury

Don Drury is the CEO of Six Sigma Management Institute in USA. He has held key positions in Fortune 500 organizations. At the conference, Don will be looking at the use of Lean Six Sigma in Investment Banking.

Sandra De Zoysa

Sandra De Zoysa is the Group CCO of Dialog Axiata PLC. Having been part of Dialog since 1997, Sandra holds over 25 years of experience in the mobile industry. She is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Colombo School of Computing. Sandra will be talking about Dialog Axiata and its journey of adopting Lean Six Sigma.

Renuka Fernando

For almost 5 years, Renuka has been operating as the Director/ CEO of Nations Trust Bank. Her banking career expands 31 years. She has held high ranking positions in banks such as ABN AMRO Bank N.V, Sri Lanka and Banque Indosuez, Sri Lanka. Renuka’s topic for the evening for the conference will be “Nations Lean Pathway”.

Ashutosh Pandey

His experience includes working for giant such as General Electric GE, Tata Communications and Birlasoft India Ltd. Today, as Head of Continuous Improvement – Global & Head of Quality (Asia Pacific & Japan) of NOKIA, Ashutosh Pandey is known for leading critical business transformation programs, and continuous improvement initiatives for customers at a global level. Ashutosh will be exploring about the use of organizational excellence strategies in achieving turnaround in a tech company.

Dushan Soza

A SLASSCOM founder board member, Dushan Soza is the Director Softlogic Finance and CEO of BPMONE. His expertise includes over 25 years of being part of leadership and skill management positions, both local as well as the international scope. Dushan Soza’s session will focus on shared services with regards to the importance of organizational excellence and lean six sigma.

Dr Fabrizio Majorana

He has been the quality leader for 2 of the most biggest super car brands in the world, Ferrari and Maserati. He has assisted more than 108 countries and 230 projects covering different industrial sectors. At the conference, Dr. Fabrizio Majorana will share the story of Ferrari winning 8 world championships by applying lean six sigma.

Dumidu Ranaweera

Dumidu is the Executive Director of Six Sigma Management Institute Asia. Well versed in the field of six sigma, he has mentored over 250 projects in the span of 16+ years. Dumidu will be talking about the Lean Six Sigma Standards and how these standards can be utilized in organizations. For those of you who are curious, the standards in question are ISO 18404, ISO 13053-1 and ISO 13053-2.

Marcus Sorensen

Marcus’s experience lies in process and quality improvements and data driving problem solving. His session will focus on healthcare and how the concepts of lean six sigma can be applied in the sector.

Late Prof. Mikel J Harry

Last but not least on the list is, the late Professor Mikel J Harry, co-creator and principal architect of six sigma. He has been a consultant to top executives including people like Jack Welsh, former CEO of General Electric and Robert “Bob” Galvin, former CEO of Motorola. The event’s keynote address titled, “Velocity of Value”, will feature one of the last video recordings of Professor Harry.

Six Sigma
From left-top: Dumidu Ranaweera, Sandra De Zoysa, Fabrizio Majorana; Left- middle: Dushan Soza, Mikel J Harry, Ashutosh Pandey; Left-bottom: Renuka Fernando, Don Drury, Marcus Sorensen)

Six Sigma: The Panel Discussions

Of course its not just speakers, the conference will also feature a couple of panel discussions as well. The first panel discussion is all about the importance of culture in driving organizational excellence and lean six sigma. The second panel discussion will focus on the organizational excellence in ICT.

So there you have it, a glimpse of what to expect at the Organizational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma Conference. For more details on how to register and be a part of the event, you can click here. Won’t be able to make it? Not to worry, team ReadMe will be sure to bring you all the latest from the event. If you do make it, feel free drop by and say hello.


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