SLASSCOM 4iR Hackathon: Revolutionizing The Future


Two weeks ago, we saw the preliminary rounds of the 4iR hackathon organized by SLASSCOM in collaboration of xLabs of Virtusa take place. Held at the Taj Samudra, a grand total of 31 teams from universities and professional bodies took place in this 24-hour hackathon. Kicking off from the 17th of March 2018, teams were encouraged to create and develop ideas that made use of technologies of the 4th Industrial revolution such as AI, Machine learning, augmented, virtual and mixed reality, Blockchain, IoT and RPA.

Of the 31 teams that took part at the preliminary rounds of the 4iR hackathon, 14 teams were chosen to proceed to the final round. Speaking of the final round, that round took place on Friday, the 23rd of March 2018 at the Kingsbury hotel. Walking into the hall, it was pretty obvious that this was no ordinary hackathon. Boasting a cash prize pool of almost 1 Million rupees, the stakes were indeed high to see who would walk away crowned the winner of the SLASSCOM 4iR hackathon.

Kicking off the final pitches at the 4iR Hackathon

Each team would be allocated 10 minutes to make their presentation/pitch and product demo. A further 5 minutes would be allocated for the judging panel to ask any questions or clarify any details that needed clarification. The teams were urged to stick to the time limit allocated to them and it was emphasized that if they go over the time limit, that they would have to stop their presentation, so as to go according to schedule.

Keeping your plants safe with Plant Doc

A product by Team Scorpion, Plant Doc is essentially a plant disease recognition system comprising of a hardware device and a mobile app as well. Using a combination of image recognition and machine learning, Plant Doc would take an image of a plant, diagnose what disease the plant had, and then recommend a solution for it and also list down places where you can get the medicine for the plant.

4iR Hackathon
Team Scorpion presenting Plant Doc

The team is also planning to build a separate IR device to connect to your phone. They also want to create a database of plants that can be used as an API. mobile app is free.

Making IoT device more accessible with Senze IOT

Presented by SenZe IOT, this is a platform that allows users to handle any NB IoT device. The platform would establish a connection between the device and the user via a mobile app. Once the connection has been established, you can control the device with no additional setup required.

The team is also looking to enhance the scalability of the platform by developing an API that users can use to tweak devices to suit their need and also for those building apps using the SenZe IOT platform. To strengthen this, the team is also planning to work with Dialog and Mobitel as well.

Team BlooWhale wants to keep your vehicle safe

The team asked an interesting question: Not everyone uses their vehicle the same. So, should everyone pay the same for their vehicle Insurance? Even if you take extremely good care of your car, you would still be paying the same as a person who didn’t take care of their vehicle. As a solution, the team presented an IOT device to measure the stats of the car such as average speed, number of times braked, etc.

All these stats go to show how well one takes care of their vehicle. If you’re a reckless driver, then you would be charged more on your insurance premium, but if you take good care of your vehicle, then you would in turn pay less.

Helping backpackers all across Sri Lanka with Lockron

A brainstorm by Team Phastem , Lockron is essentially an IOT cabinet where travelers and backpackers can store their personal belongings safely. We initially saw the team and their product at the Yarl Ceek Challenge Season 06 and then again at HaXmas 2018 as well.

4iR Hackathon
Team Phastem and Lockron

Team 5 Coders wants to protect the lifestyle of people

Aimed at those living near tans and rivers, Team 5 Coders presented an IoT product that would generate an alarm if there was a sudden increase in the level of water in nearby tanks or rivers. Similarly, if there was a drastic reduction in the levels of water, a similar alarm would be generated. This would be done via text message or a push message.

Learning about your customers with Raven

Presented by Team Root, Raven is a platform that provides intelligent emotional and behavioral analytics across multiple business domains. By means of processing camera feeds in real time, Raven is able to capture human reactions and identify behavioral patterns.

4iR Hackathon
Team Root and Raven

It does so by using deep learning. For example, you can use Raven to see how effective a lecture is. You can even use it to monitor customer reactions when they’re dining and alert the administration if the customer is unhappy.

TheTeamName wants to revolutionize security

Ever wanted to have a security system that is tamperproof but also simple to use? Well, TheTeamName might have just the thing for you. It’s essentially a smart lock system that uses the biometric sensors located in our smartphones, coupled with Bluetooth low frequency devices for authentication. Once the system has been paired with your smartphone, you would no longer have to keep swiping key cards or entering pin numbers to get access to offices.

By simply launching a mobile app and scanning your fingerprint via the app itself, you can have doors that would automatically unlock for you as you approach them. Now that is pretty cool

Tekto wants to help validate Bitcoin ICOs

Somewhat of a technical approach, Tekto’s ICO validator aims to solve the problem of ICOs not being validated correctly. Because ICO are not validated and regulated, it opens up the opportunity for a number of scams. Since no such platform exists or is not available to this extent, the validation tool would indeed help keep the Blockchain safe.

Team Hash Beats wants to improve healthcare

The team’s product is a distributed platform for the healthcare industry. As such, health records of individuals would be kept in a private Blockchain. Hospitals, medical labs and dispensaries would be able to add medical records of an individual with his/her permission.

The platform would include a web app and mobile app to push data to the Blockchain. Once pushed, the medical records can be viewed from the Blockchain.

Stephen Holmes spoke about Blockchain innovation.

Stephen, the Vice President of FinTech Lab at Virtusa spoke about the f4th Industrial revolution and why it’s important. He went on to explain that with all these technologies such as AI and machine learning, trust is one of the biggest challenges that we’re going to face. Stephen is the leading expert on Blockchain security and privacy.

4iR Hackathon
Stephen Holmes addressing the audience

Stephen then went on to speak about the types of innovations at Virtusa. As an example, he spoke about a project that xLabs is working on with a tier one telecommunication company via Blockchain. With a few more words, Stephen’s session came to an end.

We went back to presentations

Following a short break, we gathered once more in the hall to listen to the rest of the presentations and also the announcement of the winners of the SLASSCOM 4iR hackathon.

Meet QTie, the Universal Smart Adapter by MoraSquad

We initially saw QTie being pitched at Mora Ventures 3.0. Quite simply, QTie is a single Android application and an IOT device that you can use to control all devices in your house. How? you ask. Well, all you need to do is to plug in your electrical dumb appliance into a QTie adapter and transform it to a smart device.

The benefit of this is the general ease of use. You can simple turn the device on or off from your smartphone. In addition, it also helps you in bringing down your electricity bill as you can turn off unwanted devices.

Keeping Diabetic patients safe with Genesan Sole

A product by Team Phoenix from the University of Moratuwa, the Genesan Sole is an insole that can be inserted into a shoe or sandal. It will continuously measure the pressure in a person’s sole and then notify them of any abnormalities. This is to combat Diabetic neuropathy, a complication of diabetic foot ulcers that can lead to a loss of your foot and even death.

4iR Hackathon
Team Phoenix presenting Genesan Sole

Genesan Sole would also keep track of medical records regarding diabetic neuropathy and connect the user with an Endocrinologist in order to get live medication.

Keeping track of your rented vehicles with Taken

If you’re a person who likes to rent out your vehicle when it’s not in use, you may think that you’re in for a profitable time. But your biggest challenge in fact, is the safety of your vehicle. No matter how much you take care of it, the person you rent it to might not be so careful.

This is where the team’s product “Taken” comes into play. By means of a vehicle’s ODB port, Taken would analyze the damage, threats and misuse of the vehicle and then report it to the vehicle owner. So if you rent out a vehicle and damage it, the vehicle owner will immediately be notified. In addition, the team is also working on a solution to help drivers combat drowsiness so that they can drive safer. You can also geo fence the car so that if it goes outside a certain range, it will generate an alarm and possibly stop as well.

Helping Medical students with a Virtual Medical simulator

A product by Team Syntax. The title and objective of the product is quite self-explanatory. By means of AR/VR and Leap motion, the team has developed a simulator so that medical students can study and get a literal hands-on approach when learning about the human body. The platform would be made available via headsets such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and a leap motion to detect motions.

The last team for the day was about a Journey

Presented by Team Zeroth, Journey is an all-in-one travel companion app. This is a mobile app that will help travelers get information from other travelers about what places to travel to and what you can see there. If you’re planning a trip, you can also have a virtual tour via augmented reality to get an idea about the place as well.

4iR Hackathon
Team Zeroth and Journey

The app would also provide details about the best routes to take and also weather conditions as well.

Who wont the SLASSCOM 4iR Hackathon?

The overall winners of the SLASSCOM 4iR hackathon were not exactly ranked first, second or third. Rather, there would be 4 runner up teams and one winner. The runners up would be awarded a cash prize of LKR 100,000. The Winner of the SLASSCOM 4iR hackathon would receive a cash prize of LKR 500,000.

Runners Up:

  • TheTeamName
  • Tekto
  • Scorpion
  • Hash Beats


  • Team Phoenix
4iR Hackathon
Awarding the Winners at SLASSCOM 4iR Hackathon

Amidst tumultuous applause and flashing lights, the teams walked on stage to receive their awards. Even though the SLASSCOM 4iR hackathon had come to an end, that didn’t mean that the dream of the teams did. We hope to see these teams carry on their products to the global market and proceed to make a name for themselves and indeed Sri Lanka as well. With a few closing remarks, the SLASSCOM 4iR hackathon 2018 came to an end.


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