The SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit 2019 is just around the corner


Artificial Intelligence has become a staple of our lives. We use it to take photos, analyze speech patterns, forecast market growth and even to drive our cars. Raising awareness about AI and its potential is the aim of the SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit.

The second edition of the AI Asia Summit will take place on the 6th of November 2019 at the Shangri-La Hotel from 8.30 am onwards. As with last year, once again the event features an impressive lineup of speakers sharing the latest trends in AI. Further, most of them are Sri Lankans who in key leadership positions at global multinational organizations. 

SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit | AI | Artificial Intelligence
The speakers you’ll meet at the SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit 2019 (Image credits: SLASSCOM)

For example, Dr. Chrisantha Fernando – Senior Research Scientist at Google Deepmind will be returning to the SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit. He will be sharing his views on the Minimal Turing Test and Minimal Agency. Similarly, Samith Gunasekara – Head of AI and Machine Learning at Boeing will be conducting a session on powerful AI Trends to drive digital transformation. 

Further, Dr. Rajitha Navarathna – Former Imagineer at Walt Disney Imagineering will talk about reading the mind of an audience through vision in movies. Amidst these exciting applications, it’s also important that we use AI responsibly and safely. This is what Dr. Inga Strümke – Manager – AI and Machine Learning at PwC Norway will talk to us about. You can find the full list of speakers and their respective topics here.


At AI Asia Summit 2019, Dr. Inga Strumke,Manager – AI and Machine Learning at PwC Norway, will talk about responsible use of AI. Don't miss out on the opportunity. Grab your tickets now before its too late!Sign up:

Posted by SLASSCOM Sri Lanka on Monday, October 28, 2019

But why is it so important for Sri Lanka to invest in AI? If you recall, at the previous SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit, Jeevan Gnanam – Former Chairman of SLASSCOM shared that Sri Lanka was reliant on software development alongside finance & accounting as its primary exports for IT/BPM. However, with recent trends in technology, we need to add data science and AI to that list as well. 

With AI becoming a prevalent part of our lives, it’s a market enjoying rapid growth. Further, at the SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit 2018, the panel discussions highlighted opportunities for local AI startups. Therefore, this is the next frontier of growth for the IT industry. Therefore, this year’s event will showcase emerging AI applications and uses cases for businesses. Similarly, it will also highlight developments in AI research for researchers. 

SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit | AI | Artificial Intelligence
A glimpse of what we saw at last years SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit

With this combination, the speakers will be addressing a wide range of topics. In doing so, they will showcase how AI is utilized in several industries ranging from manufacturing to finance to logistics. So If you are interested in attending the SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit 2019, click here and purchase your tickets today.


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