Artificial Intelligence. If you’re living in the world of tech, this has become a word that you’ve become very familiar with. It’s hard to find a device or an app that doesn’t use it in one form or the other. It takes on different forms. But with the vast quantities of data we generate, AI is the next big frontier. To figure out how we can conquer that frontier is the purpose of the SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit.

The speakers of the SLASSCOM AI Summit

The SLASSCOM AI Summit will be happening on the 7th of November at the Kingsbury Hotel. It’ll feature acclaimed local and international speakers. They will be speaking on the topics of Data Science and Machine Learning to share the latest developments in AI.

AI is the next big frontier in tech invading every aspect of our lives (Image credits: Aubrey O'Neal)
AI is the next big frontier in tech invading every aspect of our lives (Image credits: Aubrey O’Neal)

Among the speakers at the SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit is Dr. Yasantha Rajakarunanayake – Senior Director of Technology at MediaTek. His work and research interests include developing Machine Learning/AI algorithms and computer vision systems. Of course, many of us would know him as one of the men that inspired Jeff Bezos to walk down the path to building Amazon.

Other speakers at the SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit include Timothy Kooi – Head of Data Analytics at DHL Asia Pacific, Dr. Adam Easton – CEO at SimCentric Technologies, Dr. Rukshan Batuwita – Data Scientist at Google, Dr. James Shanahan – Founder and Principal of Boutique Data Consultancy, among many others. You can find the full list of speakers and their topics here.

The purpose of the SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit

Jeevan Gnanam – Chairman of SLASSCOM said, “Sri Lanka for the last two decades has relied on two main pillars for its IT/BPM export; that is Software Development and Finance & Accounting. This strategy has served us well as we grew 23% CAGR year on year for the last decade. However, times are changing.”

He shared that while Sri Lanka is strong in many areas, it needs to add Data Science and AI to that list. These areas he states are the ones we should invest in for Sri Lanka to be an important thought leader in the South Asian region. Furthermore, he added that Sri Lanka should aim to replicate and export such solutions to other developing nations.

Jeevan Gnanam – Chairman of SLASSCOM believes Sri Lanka should invest in Data Science & Machine Learning capabilities

Thus, the SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit aims to be a catalyst. One that will bring raise awareness across the industry, government, universities, and private institutions to make this vision a reality. As such, the event will culminate with the release of a Proposed AI Policy which will outline Sri Lanka’s vision for the next five years.

Jeevan went onto say, “As a middle-income country we need to shift gears and look at increasing the diversity of our export-based basket of goods while climbing up the value chain. I’m elated to find so many Sri Lankans who are leading the research and development efforts of corporates and technology companies in the Data Science, Analytics and Machine Learning space.”