SLASSCOM Gets A New Chairman: Mano Sekaram


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SLASSCOM is where you find the latest and the most innovative discussions of the Sri Lankan IT industry. Recently, SLASSCOM’s AGM took place on the 4th of September. This is where the co-founder and CEO of 99x Technology, Mano Sekaram was appointed as it’s new chairman. Speaking at the AGM, he stressed on building up a vibrant knowledge economy fuelled by the IT sector. Such an economy will in turn lay the foundation for Sri Lanka to become a middle income country. He also stated that: “Sri Lanka should create an asset rich workforce for the ICT industry which would help to eradicate brain drain in the industry”.

Sekaram addressed the issue of local talent seeking overseas jobs saying: “Sri Lanka should create an asset owning workforce for the ICT industry, which would help eradicate brain drain within the industry. If we can create the same environment that they go looking for in other countries, we can certainly stop this brain drain. We should try to work with regulators and try to provide IT/BPM sector employees with access to housing and other permanent assets.”

SLASSCOM currently has 167 members going from established corporates to young startups. Sekaram emphasized that expanding towards regions outside the Western Province is the key to seeking a target of seeing $5 billion industrial revenue and 200,000 employments in 1,000 new industry start-ups by 2022. He also believes that re-branding the IT and BPO sector portfolio in Sri Lanka is the way to proceed forward. “With the present progressive government we can definitely do this” he added.

Sri Lanka is becoming a technology hub. As the chairman of SLASSCOM, Mano Sekaram is determined to put a full stop to brain drain and to drive the IT and BPO sector of Sri Lanka towards a better environment.


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