An Executive’s Guide To Data Science


The subtle art of data science is not exactly an easy one to study. By definition, this is essentially the science of analyzing data. For example, if you have a treasure trove of data such as customer purchases, age groups, and gender ratios, there’s no real point in just gathering up the data. It’s a wastage of both processing resources and storage.

What can one do with data science?

This is where data science comes into play. After all, the core of data science is indeed data. With this science, one can use this data in creative ways. These ways or methods can be used in creating unique business propositions to increase one’s revenue.

Data Science
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Apart from the business aspect, theories from data science can also be used to identify behavioral patterns and even carry out predictions related to social, economic and political purposes.

With the intention of bringing those interested upto date about the current trends in data science, the SLASSCOM Technology Forum will be organizing a talk revolving around the theme of data science. Under the topic of “An Executive’s Guide to Data Science”, the session would revolve around delivering what you need to know kicking off your enterprise in data science.

What would I learn?

Carried out by two industry experts in the field of data science, the talk would cover some basic topics at first. As such, those attending would learn about what data science is, and the role of statistics in data science. From there, they would go on to slightly more advanced topics such as machine learning, and how to structure a data science project. You would also learn about project deliverables of a data scientist and also learn about the data scientist’s toolbox.

Data Science
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Who will conduct the talk?

As for the talk itself, it will be carried out by Rashan Peiris, Dr. Ajith P. Madurapperuma and Dr. Srinath Perera. Rashan, a software architect at Zone24x7 has over 12 years of experience in the software industry. Dr. Ajith is the current director of the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka and Dr. Srinath is a combination of a scientist, software architect and programmer. He also works on distributed systems.

Data Science
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How can I be a part of this event?

Well, all you have to do is to submit your details by clicking this link. If you’re a SLASSCOM member or a student, then you would have to pay the registration fee of LKR 1,000/-. Non-SLASSCOM members will have to pay LKR 1,500/-.

Where and what time is it?

Once you have registered, you will have to make your way to the Dialog Auditorium at Union Place on the 7th of February 2018. Registrations begin at 5.00PM so we encourage those attending to be there a bit early in order to get a good seat.


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