Celebrating Ingenuity At SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018


Aiming to recognize and “Celebrate Ingenuity”, the SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018 were held on the 14th of June at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Colombo. Here, Innovators across a range of categories in the IT/BPM industry were celebrated for their innovative products and solutions. Over 90 ninety submissions were recorded across seven award categories.

The Winners at the SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018

Following the summit, it was time to recognize the winners of the 7 categories of the SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018. We took a look at the winners of each category and what they do.

Best Product Innovation – chargeNET

A platform by Vega.lk, chargeNET is Sri Lanka’s first EV (Electric Vehicle Charging network. You can choose to buy a charging station or locate the nearest charging station. You can also sign up and join the chargeNET portal.

SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018
chargeNET at the SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018

The company has also implemented an online top-up feature where you can top-up your charge card by logging into your chargeNET portal. Payment can be carried out using VISA, Master and American Express Credit and Debit cards. You can learn more about chargeNET here.

Best Startup Product or Service category – PAYable

We took a look at PAYable when they first launched in 2016. Aimed at helping small and medium scale businesses, PAYable is a free mobile app for Android and iOS that works with a Bluetooth card reader to accept cashless payments. Simply enter the amount, swipe the card, get the customer’s signature and you will get the money in 1 -2 business days.

SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018
PAYable at the SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018

Incubated out of Ceylon Business Appliances Ltd (CBA), PAYable became a billion-rupee startup in August last year and also signed 2,000 new merchants in December of last year. PAYable also won the award for Best Client Delivery Innovation as well. 

Best Disruptor – PickMe

Launched in 2015, PickMe became an almost overnight success. The popular tuk hailing app has improved in leaps and bound, undergoing various UI and UX changes, and also supporting cashless payments. As of the 5th of June 2018, the IFC or International Finance Corporation announced a USD 2.5 Million investment in PickMe.

SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018
PickMe at the SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018

The company hopes to expand to all across Sri Lanka, providing transport that is convenient, reliable, affordable and more importantly, readily available.

Best Innovation in Internal Process – Embla Software Innovation

A software development company, Embla Software Innovation has been in the product engineering field since 1986. The company’s main goal is to outsource development projects and streamline business processes of their clients.

SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018
Embla Software Innovation at the SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018

Best Innovation in Business Process Management – MAS Legato

A member of the MAS Group, MAS Legato provides financial outsourcing solutions to the MAS Group as well as external clients.

SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018
MAS Legato at the SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018

The company employs a high degree of automation via a business process management solution. This enables them to be cost-efficient and fast as well.

Best Technology or Framework Innovation – iPay

iPay is a payment platform that facilitates online, real-time cash handling and omnichannel payments.

SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018
iPay at the SLASSCOM Innovation Awards 2018

As such, iPay supports features such as in-app payments, mobile payments for Android, iOS, NFC and QR codes, and web-based payments. The platform also employs a number of security protocols including fraud detection and biometric authentication as well.


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