SLASSCOM Updates Salary Survey For 2015


SLASSCOM and PricewaterhouseCoopers have released their Compensation and Benefits Survey 2014/15, this time snagging the highest recorded participation amoung the five such surveys they’ve released to date. Apparently an IT/BPO workforce of 43 companies – close to 14,000 employees – took part in what is a study of salary scales, HR practice in the industry and how the industry approaches the question of finding and keeping talent.

According to the folks behind the survey, it gives on a fair idea of the compensation for graduate level employees for the most common jobs as well as a past and potential wage increases.

To get your hands on a copy, you’re invited to head over to the SLASSCOM HQ – 716, Dr. Danister De Silva Mw, Colombo 09 – or call 011 4062223.

Be warned: it’s not cheap.If your organization is not a member of SLASSCOM, the asking price is Rs 374,000. If you are a member, and you have over 500 employees, it’s Rs 226,000. If you have less than 500, but over 100 employees, the damage done is Rs 159,000. For a really small company of below 100 employees, like ourselves, we were quoted Rs 113,224. And if the terms and conditions are like the previous one, you’re also forbidden from publishing the data.



  1. What is the point of during a “survey” if they don’t publish the results.

    This is one of the biggest scams in Sri Lankan IT industry.


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