SLCG 2012: COD4 Day TWO recap


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Some catchup work…

The second day saw the emergent victors of the previous day battling for their Round 3 matchup slots. First up was Team Inside Gaming vs the Bloodhounds, with Team Inside winning 13-1 on Crash: next was Inside Gaming – a different team – facing off against the Slayers and winning 13-3. We weren’t there for these matches, so no commentary here. By the time we hit Techmorph JohnnyPlayers were wrapping up Team iSUCK (an offshoot of z Gaming)  on a Strike map for a disappointing 13-1.

The Techmorph Misfits took up arms against the Wolfpack. The match was a complete decimation of the Wolfpack, with TM Davy<3 rushing WP’s spawn points while the young COD4 prodigy TM KwickER (formerly TM KwickSTEP) set up a gauntlet down B alley with his sniper. The Misfits won 13-nil.

Overall, this trend was to continue throughout the day, with the stragglers being weeded out one by one until only the hardcore teams were left. Z Gaming went up against yesterday’s DW – Mistwalkers, with z.ChuckNorris initiating by sniping down DW | Plumber and DW | Misery: things went downhill for DW from there on. An early 5-point lead netted Z-gaming a 10-2 score at halftime: with z.Roku showing off some fancy footwork with an SMG, the Mistwalkers were sent home 13-3.

 Photos by Namith Manchanayake. Licensed under Creative Commons.  Share and attribute.

Underdogs and Redex Prodigies on the chopping block: the Slayers go home (and more)

Techmorph Redex Prodigies clashed against nOOb Alliance Aurora, re-enacting a classic rivalry. This was the match continued from last night. Despite being busy 24/7 as part of the organizing committee of SLCG itself (by gamers, for gamers), Aurora was in superb form today (much better than they were the previous day). The game broke down into the Techmorphs dying alone in clutch situations and Aurora winning 13-3. Of particular note is Techmorph’s TDK, who was always the last to fall.

Team Ble$$ed faced off against the Underdogs next, who, as you might recall, fought in an exhausting 4-match series of tiebreakers on Day One and pulled through by a very small margin. Their individual playing was good, but their team strat fumbled several times the day before: this time those mistakes cost them dearly. Ble$$ed leads 9-3 at halftime and try as they might, the Underdogs die out at 13-3.

The Demon Warriors are pitted next against PnX Respawn. Either PnX’s performance is lagging, or the Demon Warriors have geared their act up a notch: the game starts with Respawn on attack, taking a 5-2 lead until DW starts catching up with SMGs carefully defending bombsite A. B is left vulnerable, a weakness PnX tries to exploit throughout the match by feinting at both A and B. Once the game switches sides it PnX, under pressure by DW’s SMG rushers, pulled off a chaotic play that saw them win through narrowly at 13-10.

After that it’s Death Company: Imminent Demise vs iSUCK. Demise is here from a walkover vs Team NEON, who failed to show up the other day. iSUCK is lagging badly in their performance. DC Jackal pulls off some awe-inspiring feats with a sniper, no-scoping his way out of SMG ambushes in point-blank situations. In the meantime the spectating computer goes down, a problem which mysteriously fixed itself when NA | Jay strolls over to fix it: DC Imminent Demise hammered down iSUCK for 13-0. iSUCK certainly lived up to their name.

Maximum Gamers face off against PnX: Slayers. This was a skilled match: both teams are seasoned veterans and Maximum Gamers, though not as large as Techmorph, has made their mark time and time again on the virtual battlefields. Max starts off with at early 3-nil lead playing attack which develops into a 6-point lead at halftime. Despite some memorable plays (such as a no-scope by S|S Smoke on an ambushing knifer), the Slayers are unable to rack the Maximum lines: Max stands up with a 13-7 win.

Epic rivalries


Techmorph Si3rRa takes their seats. They’re decked out in uniform TM gear, sleek, black and professional.

 PnX Respawn sits down opposing them.

 The battle begins.


The most intense match of the day. The Strike streets opened up as the two pro gaming teams descended on each other. A dense ring of spectators formed around the players: one side chock-full of the Techmorph brigade, the other Phoenix Gaming’s ardent supporters. Indeed, this fight was almost as much about the spectators as about the game itself: Cindy and the TMs roared their support for their team throughout the match, chanting “PnX! GO HOME!” as the score hit 5-4 in Si3rRa’s favor. The PnX Respawn team refused to let up: under incredible pressure – there’s noblocking the wall of noisy hate from the TM’s, even with those Armageddon headsets- they retaliated by bringing the score up to 5-5: 7-7 with both sides throwing flashbangs and grenades right in each others faces. Respawn emerges from the ‘nade exchange with 8-7 in their favor.

The next round, PnX Leon, one of the most well-known faces of Phoenix Gaming, faced off against 2 Si3rRas to hoots of “B43! B43!” from the Techmorph spectators. B43 is the COD4 console command for Suicide. Perhaps the chants got to him. In revenge, Pnx </3 won the next round by humiliatingly KNIFING the TM Sniper to death. A significant effort by PnX’s Leon, Bruce Lee and </3 nets the Phoenixes a 3-point lead.

The boos from the TM crowd turned into a deafening wall of noise. Dirk Black joined the PnX crowd to chant back – Respawn, completely ignoring both cheers and jeers, won fair and square with a solid 13-9 score. There was intense disappointment from the TM side and pure relief from the assembled Phoenix Gaming crowd. Leon and the others were welcomed back into the audience and congratulated widely on a solid performance.


Another rivalry is forming: the new z Gaming throws themselves at Techmorph’s Misfits on the battlefield. For much of the first round, z suffered from an acute case of failed aiming, probably supplemented by the boos from the crowd: KwickER is the star of the earlygame, no-scoping and knifing his way through the z Gaming lines. A barrage of flashbangs and AK47 bullets hit z gaming hard. Norris on sniper was the last man standing for much of the first half, gaining a deadly nemesis in the form of TM Davy<3.

The tables turned when Norris took down KwickER. Spurred by the kill, z. roku and the others fight back, with the entire z gaming team surviving a round at one point. 10-9 in the Misfit’s favor turned into a 10-10. Which turned into 11-11.

Which became a 12-12 draw. The Misfits put down z Gaming in the tiebreaker round. z Gaming, however, have made their mark, pitting themselves against the gigantic TM machine.

At this stage it turned out that it was Max | Lazer’s birthday. Gamers, irrespective of their clantagg, gathered around to sing Happy Birthday and finish up the chocolate cake.

“Eka thamai Api kiwwe!” – DC

Things got under way again with Techmorph Ouch vs Ox!D3 Rapid. Rapid was expected to put up a good fight on Crash but a bad start turns into a worse match for them. TM Venom<3 scores a rare triple kill.  At 9-1 Ouch’s RuGRat is sniping people from the rooftops with his pistol. The game settles at a 13-1 victory with TM Ouch putting up a perfectly synchronized performance.

The final match of Day Two was a perfect closure to some of the oldest rivalries in professional gaming: Death Company vs Techmorph, both massive mega-clans that strike gold at almost every competition organized. DC is represented by Imminent Demise: Techmorph by the Misfits.

It turned out to be an incredibly close match. The teams were tied from the start: both sides boast incredibly skilled players. At 3-3 the teams were tied. The TM crowd didn’t get it all their way due to DC Imt’d having a black-clad crowd of Death Company supporters of their own: both sides cheered on their team, jeered at the opposition, and the players on the stage did their level best to ignore all sound except that of the game. TM Cindy fell silent at one point: the DC crowd jumped at the opportunity to cheer on their team. In a remarkable display of prowess, Misfits Miracle turned what seemed to  be a futile 3vs1 into a victory that tied both teams 6-6. 8-8 is reached to cries of “Sadhu, Sadhu”. Despite embarrassing teamkills on both sides, the Misfits prevailed 9-8 before calling a time out.

Play resumed after the timeout. Jackal, DC’s sniper, led the field for Death Company. Things went downhill for the Misfits pretty fast: the final round boiled down to DC Ghost on his own taking the kill for a 13-10 victory. The victorius DC crowd erupted in chants of “Eka thamai Api kiwwe!”

That’s everything that happened on the COD4 battlefields on the Second Day, folks. See you for the Third Day recap (that’s today). Now I have to run.

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