SLCG 2012: Day Three / the Grand Finale – part Two


Welcome back: this is part two of the SLCG Finals Recap. When we left off, PodiVijay was taking down [email protected] for a Death Company victory.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked. DC | Imminent Demise didn’t get to relax: next in the lineup was Maximum Gamers, who had previously pulled off a 13-9 victory against nOOb Alliance. Now the COLOMBO FINALS BEGIN: Death Company VS Maximum Gamers.

The first round turned into a flawless victory for Maximum, who were defending on Strike (DC’s choice of map). DC immediately upped their game, turning the half into a weathervane match where both teams decimated each other in turns.  Halftime saw 5-7 in DC’s favor, with 7hunD3R and Lazer critical hitting for Maximum and Jackal “going HUGE” for DC, as Dirk Black put it.

Maximum quickly gained the upper hand after halftime. Max| Miku and Max| Rock3r worked seamlessly together for a  to bring it 9-7 in Max’s favor: even with Jackal pushing hard, DC lagged behind at this stage – including at a particularly memorable moment where Max| Leon<3, in a clutch, chopped down 2 DC gamers, went in for a plant and valiantly defended for a 11-8 in Max’s favor.

DC swung around, retaliated by flashbanging and coordinated strike teams. Incredible plays were pulled off on both sides, plays that had the audience gasping and cheering in stunned disbelief. Max| 7hunD3R, fearlessly going 1v1 with his Deagle against an SMG and winning. DC | Jackal doing an amazing defense of a bomb point under pressure with his sniper. DC Ghost vs 7hunD3R in an SMG duel.
12-11, Max’s favor.

At this moment, the impossible (or to be accurate, the improbable) happens. DC, playing brutally well, slaughters the Maximum side for what everybody expects to be a 12-12 d

raw. Max | 7hunD3R is left alone – and he comes face-to-face with DC | Jackal, who takes a swing at him with a knife. 7hunD3R dodges, runs, turns around, and in a simply incredible play, chops down the remaining 3 DC players with a perfect grenade and his trusty sniper.

It was an incredible clutch, an amazing play, and incredible 13-11 win for Maximum. The crowd erupts, chanting the name of their Maximum hero.  Incredibly well played: the proud 7hunD3R is embraced by the even prouder Maximum Gamers.

Maximum has won the SLCG COD4 Colombo Finals.

They claim – and receive with admiration – the title of the best team in Colombo.

But SLCG has another phase up it’s sleeve. Two teams have been here all the while: the winners and runners-up of SLCG cod4 Kandy: DC iPwn and Techmorph Outlaws.

From Colombo we have Maximum Gamers and DC Imminent Demise.

The four best Call of Duty 4 teams in Sri Lanka. Any match between these four boils down almost entirely to luck, exhaustion and timing, such is the skill here. The matchup is declared: the winners of Colombo against Kandy’s runners up – the winners of Kandy against Colombo’s runners up.

Unfortunately, this leads to the third and saddest of the inter-clan battles here at SLCG 2012: DC Imminent Demise versus their own Kandy brethren, DC iPwn. There is something unspeakably sad about the Death Company gamers as they take their seats. It is clear neither of the teams wanted to do this: it was almost -nay, it WAS – a brother versus brother situation. Both teams played with the |DC| clantag, laying a

side their differences and proclaiming their kinship.

On the opposite end of the hall, Techmorph Outlaws and Maximum Gamers are set up their fight, installing configs, prepping for their match.

At this moment we took a small break from the action: it was around one in the morning. To cut a long story short, Techmorph Outlaws defeated Maximum Gamers and DC Imminent Demise defeated DC iPwn. In a strange but predictable feat, the winners of regional SLCGs stepped out here – in the end it boiled down to just two teams: SLCG Kandy’s runners up versus SLCG Colombo’s runners up. Techmorph Outlaws versus Death Company: Imminent Demise.


The Outlaws and Demise

The two teams set up on the far end of the hall, away from the big screen.  The reason – the CounterStrike 1.6 finals are being held there. We’re not covering CS, as we lack knowledge about the gameplay and the teams. What we ARE looking at here is the TM Outlaws versus DC Imminent Demise.

Outlaw started off by playing Attack on Strike. The first two rounds netted 1-1 and once the game hits its stride, the  Outlaws have pulled ahead (this, as we shall see later on, turns out to be the deciding factor for this entire match). Despite spirited attempts by DC  pulse and Jackal, the Outlaws quickly hit 6-2, with the eagle-eyed sniper Syndn repeatedly setting up a one-man gauntlet across the courtyard. Halftime does not change DC’s fortunes: the Outlaws maintain a solid two to one lead and top up at a 13-6 win.

This final game is decided on the best of three: the second map begins – Backlot. Techmorph clinches the first win, but DC is doing much, much better than before -at halftime it’s 8-4 in DC’s favor, with a bit of friendly ribbing between the teams: all these players have gone up against each other many, many times before and nobody’s a stranger.

As soon as the game starts again, though, DC is in trouble. The Outlaws go offensive, playing incredibly aggressively: 10-8 in DC’s favor turns into 11-12 – and 12-12:  a draw. The second match is a draw. Both teams must be exhausted, but aren’t showing it: the gamers are entirely focused on their screens.

The third and last map is Crossfire. TM is in Attack, and despite claims that Crossfire is an attack-oriented map, the play is balanced – 3-3. DC, in an orchestrated team effort, racks up 9-5 before TM Outlaws get their act together. The gap closes rapidly. The Outlaws, in a brilliant comeback, fight DC down 11-11 and draw at 12-12.

Photos by Namith Manchanayake. Licensed under Creative Commons. Share and attribute.

For a moment, there is silence. In the second that follows comes the realization that here, at two in the morning at the BMICH, a winner has been emerged. Techmorph’s Outlaws won one round, drew two in an incredible set of intense gunfights: by dint of that first win, they’ve won the entire SLCG 2012.

And on the big screen, TechMorph Team _xZtinct have nailed down PnX’s Reservoir Dogs in CounterStrike 1.6.

TechMorph has won.

That was truly  well played – here’s to everyone who participated in the SLCG: winners, runners-up and losers alike. ALCH3MIST, over and out.

SLCG 2012: Day Three / the Grand Finale – part Two 12



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