SLCG 2012: Day Three / the Grand Finale – part One


The third and final day of SLCG: the biggest day of 2012 for every competitive gamer in Sri Lanka. Known to mortals as Sunday the 18th of November.

It started with Pheonix (PnX) Inside Gaming defeating Team Ox!D3 13-4, wrapping up a bit of unfinished business from the previous round and securing their slot against the team from Maximum Gaming. CHOLAA, KN, BounZer, HeLL<3 and fireX vs Maximum Gaming’s Rock3r, CARLO, LaZER, leon<3 and of course, 7hunD3R.

Now this was a pretty intense match to start with, because there’s a bitter rivalry between these two teams: almost half the PnX team initially played for Maximum Gaming. Maximum started out by dishing heavy punishment, with Round 2 seeing some sick ‘nades taking down 3 of the 5 In[G] players within seconds. Despite some solid playing by In[G] CHOLAA the first few minutes quickly resolved themselves into 5-3 in Max’s favor. Inside Gaming stepped up their act at this point: KN and Hell<3 playing aggressively brought the ball back into In[G]’s court. At this point the crowd went completely wild as Maximum LaZer levelled the playing field again to the elation of the entire team: Techmorph and Maximum spectators took up the chant: “Go Max Go!”

The Maximum team, hellbent on completely destroying In[G], fought a close-won series of battles with frequent timeouts from both teams – Rock3r scored some impressive kills for Max in the final, deciding rounds. Spirit and cheering, however, didn’t win the day: Pheonix matched Maximum round for round, CHOLAA performing fantastically. Inside Gaming lost out -barely- at truly well-fought battle at 12-11 in Maximum’s favor.

Third was the first of the day’s inter-clan wars. It match that we’d rather not have seen: nOOb Alliance Aurora versus nOOb Alliance’s own B-team – the Beach Boys. Both teams, both talented, had worked their way from the top and bottom of the matchup chart to this fateful lineup. It was the old guard vs the new regime as Scooby, JAY, Luffy and the others took up arms against the Beach Boys. The match was silent, focused and quick. Despite BB: JoJo making his name more popular with very good playing, Aurora won fair and square. At one point Aurora.Scooby turned a 3vs1 into a 2vs1 by ‘nading his own team member.

After that came the second: Phoenix versus Phoenix as PnX | Ble$$ed took on Pnx | Respawn. Again, silence from the crowd, haters and supporters alike. Ble$$ed fought Respawn to 12-12 tie, with Respawn taking an early lead and going steadily downhill afterward: Ble$$ed won the tiebreaker, held on a Backlot map. The draw tree pits them against nOOb Alliance – Aurora.

NA started off on the wrong foot. At one point JAY reduced a 4vs1 to a 1v1 but still fails to secure the round for NA: it is not till the third round that NA scored.  Ble$$ed went on the defensive, carefully selecting camping locations, but it  Aurora had got their mettle – the fourth round was a resounding win with all 5 nOObs surviving: at halftime it was 8-4 in NA’s favor. A little later NA chewed down PnX Ble$$ed for 13-5.

Next up came Techmorph Ouch vs Pheonix Gaming – not Ble$$ed: like all major clans, PnX has multiple teams in SLCG – Ble$$ed, In[G] are but two of them. This is PnX Respawn: </3, [email protected], Pirate (formerly from Perks), Bruce Lee and Leon against TM | Ouch’s Venom<3, Awesome, RuGRat, Code and TIKKA. PnX walked into a wall of hate, earning boos even before they’ve begun, and won the knife round.

The first blood is by PnX | Leon, taking down Ouch | Code. PnX’s crew got taken down in short order with </3 dying at RuGRat’s bullet. TM Ouch pulled out a fast 2-0 and PnX quickly retaliated with a 2-2 score: Dirk Black and DC | Sabbath, the Shoutcasters, are egging on both sides of the crowd at this point. Let’s switch to the present tense because this was quite a tense match.  The match is very close in the first half: superb butchering by RuGRat and Code, with [email protected] scoring equally high and hitting back hard for the Phoenixes. 6-6 evolves into a 1vs4 with only </3 remaining to face the fury of TM. He dies to chanted shouts of “B43” (the COD4 command for suicide). PnX Pirate takes down Ouch | Awesome for a 7-7 tie. Venom’s sniping puts TM momentarily in the lead: [email protected] shoots down Venom: 9-9. </3 is wreaking havoc on behalf of PnX.

Time-out called at 10-10 by RuGRat. When play resumes, Code mows down the entire PnX team to wild cheers. PnX Leon is in deep trouble, being hunted by Venom<3: nevertheless, PnX performs brilliantly, giving as good as they get: the match comes down 12-12, a draw.
The tiebreaker is held on Crash. PnX held their ground and clinched a 3-2 win in a series of heavy gunfights around Bombsite A: RuGRat of Ouch fell at last and PnX stood up, victorious.

The Semifinals

The first match of the semis: NA (nOOb Alliance) vs Maximum Gaming. One of the oldest, friendliest rivalries on Sri Lanka’s battlefields. NA commenced playing attack on Crossfire: JAY sniping for NA, 7thunD3R with the scope for Max. Both teams played a very defensive game. cOw / Chimpy in a 4vs1 takes down Max | Asus, but to no avail: the first round is Max’s. The match was remade after Dirk discovers that it’s on lan_mr3. Luffy pulled off a few stellar moves with an AK47 to net NA it’s first win and Scooby, early on, takes down 4 of the Max team, but 7hunD3R restores the Maximum lead again. Both teams switch to heavily aggressive playing once they get each other’ measure. At 9-6 (Max’s favor) the game evolved into a battle between the snipers JAY and 7hunD3R, laying waste to everything between them.  nOOb Alliance played memorably, but went down to Max 13-9.

 The last match of the semifinals: PnX Respawn, who won a few paragraphs ago, vs Death Company’s Imminent Demise. DC clinched an easy win on first and second rounds. At 4-1 PnX Leon chopped down 3 DC gamers, but the windows of opportunity was too small. Both DC | PodiVijay and PnX | Pirate had a terrible time during the match, scoring frags very, very late into the game: PodiVijay performs only after switching to an AK47: with Ghost rushing like a murderous one-man army, DC | PodiVijay slaughtered [email protected] with a deagle for a DC win at 13-5.

SLCG 2012: Day Three / the Grand Finale - part One 12

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