SLCG 2015 Is Happening This Weekend


For 8 consecutive years, it has been called the ultimate gaming arena. It is where individuals and teams battle it out for 3 consecutive days, some representing their clans and others as lone wolves. All for the glory of Sri Lanka’s most prestigious eSports titles. It is the main event hosted with Gamer.LK’s ranking system. This is Gamer.LK’s annual Games Festival, the Sri Lanka Cyber Games also known as SLCG.

Organized by Gamer.LK in partnership with Dialog, SLCG 2015 will be held at BMICH from the 27th to the 29th of November. SLCG extended to two regional qualifiers this year with one recently held in Matara and the other recently held in Kandy. The winners of the regional qualifiers are to face-off against each other during the Grand Final followed by the Colombo qualifiers.

This year’s SLCG will have DOTA 2, Call of Duty 4, League of Legends, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and HALO open to teams of 5 to compete in. As for the games in the individual category, SLCG will feature FIFA 15, Mortal Kombat X, TrackMania Nations Forever and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Additionally, there’s also a Mobile Gaming category featuring Crossy Roads. For more information, rules, and registration, visit the official page here.

Along with the Games Festival, the first ever Lanka ComicCon is to happen as well. Organized by the Geek Club of Sri Lanka in partnership with Gamer.LK, the Lanka ComicCon is set to take geek culture in Sri Lanka to the next level and to the masses. There’s a lot happening at Lanka ComicCon this year. Too much for one article, which is why we wrote another detailing what to expect there.

Photo credits: Lanka ComicCon
Photo credits: Lanka ComicCon

In addition to all the excitement, the Sri Lankan eSports Awards where the best of the Individuals and Clans are selected is also scheduled to happen on the 29th Sunday parallel to SLCG and Comic Con.

As you can see, SLCG is not only an event for video games. Gamer.LK promises to live up to the name of “Games Festival” by entertaining a larger crowd of various interests. May it be eSports or board games or card games, SLCG is an event for everyone that loves gaming.

Naturally as Digital Media Partners for the 3rd consecutive year, the ReadMe Live team will be there on all 3 days to bring you the latest from SLCG on both Twitter and Instagram.



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