SLCG: Day Two – A Recap


“Our people decided not to play SLCG again,” types a member on the Gamer.LK forums. “Our mtach was scheduled at 12 and we played at like 7.”

A string of replies follows. One of them, from a player by the name of Peace, formely of Tech Morph’s feared Team Outlaws: “Well, for our info, every other slcg before this i came all the way from Kandy on Friday and our first match will always be like on the next day….. your delay is tiny compared to my situation … But I still come to play SLCG every year!”

This is SLCG – the Sri Lankan Cyber Games – and with it comes all the all the tension and all the drama that comes from having almost a thousand young and super-competitive players in one place. The huge Call Of Duty draw is being burned through, but as you can see, its gargantuan size is making not a few people unhappy. We are, of course, live with Hutch Internet and enjoying the drama.

Nevertheless, at the end of Day Two, the majority of the Call of Duty draw had settled into Round 4, with a few teams having matches early this was how things stood:

Team Maximum vs Team Ravage (also from Maximum)

Pnx | Team Phoenix vs Guardianz Team Sparkz

These four boiled down to a round 5 featuring Team Maximum and PnX| Team Phoenix – two very representative teams there, both literally named after their clans.

Pnx | Team Lanka Lions vs Wolfgang Team Mistwalkers

n000b Alliance Aurora vs Maximum Anthrax

This set came down to the Lankan Lions taking on Aurora.

Maximum MeetYourMakes vs Tech Morph Team Asmic

Team Guardians vs Pnx | Team PSYCHO

MeetYourMakers went ahead to take on the Guardians.

Xiphos | Team iPwn vs n00b Alliance Team Phase

Team Norulz vs Tech Morphers 

Norulz were eliminated, leaving Tech Morphers to take on Xiphos’s iPwn. Surprisingly, iPwn suffered a sudden and utterly unexpected defeat at the hands of the Tech Morphers, who were more miscellaneous draft of players than anything else; by the time we left, the Tech Morphers were awaiting their match with Meet Your Makers, and slightly panicked because one of their suddenly godlike miscellaneous draft was unable to play the next day.

On the Dota 2 side, TM Kingdom – formerly Death Sentence – had been elected Colombo Champions, because their fabled last match with The Kade had turned out to be zilch: The Kade, apparently due to issues with their lineup, had forfeited. Now it’s up to the COD4 draw to cut, chop and otherwise winnow down their lineup towards the Grand Finale. Time will tell. Let’s roll in for day three.



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