SLCG: Day One – A Recap [LIVE]


Good afternoon, ladies, gents, noobs, pros and everything else – the Sri Lankan Cyber Games have begun.

Or rather, it’s about to begin. Let me describe the scene. It’s Friday, and the a corner of the BMICH’s central building is teeming with people in clan T-shirts, all manner of weird hats (a Team Fortress touch there) and a whole lot of canned excitement. Smack in the middle of the dark banquet hall, under the orange glow of the chandelier, are clustered spectators silently watching two Call of Duty teams slugging it out on a map. For now, darkness and silence pervades. Soon the silence will turn to shouts and cheers, and as the numbers swell, the real battles will begin.

This is SLCG – Day One. We’re live, courtesy of Hutch Internet – full signals for the win – and we’re good to go. Let’s see what’s happening here…



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