SLCG: The other side of the coin


SLCG is the biggest e-sports competition in the country. On the other hand, it’s also one of the biggest celebrations of geek culture in the country. Amidst the battles between clans large and small, the folks at Gamer LK alongside The Geek Club of Sri Lanka are slowly turning SLCG into something bigger. The foundation was laid last year, with a couple of errant cosplays, so what was built upon it this year?


Last year we saw one or two cosplays at SLCG. This year, members 2 of our top Facebook groups, The Geek Club of Sri Lanka and Anime/Manga Addicts-Sri Lanka, appeared at SLCG, cosplaying as their favourite characters. However, what made this year’s SLCG special for cosplay was Sri Lanka’s first ever cosplay contest.

At the contest we saw some amazing professional costumes and there were some amateur costumes. What they all had in common was that they were made by passionate and dedicated cosplayers.

Photo credits: Gamer LK

Unsurprisingly, the only thing we found that was more popular than the cosplayers (besides the matches) was their props. In particular, Rider Viper’s swords which have almost gone viral after everyone took pictures with them and changed their Facebook profile pictures.

Upon close inspection we can confirm: the sword tastes awesome.

Tabletop gaming

At last years SLCG, the Geek Club showed everyone that there is so much more to table top gaming than simply snakes and ladders. This year they did it again. From various card games to full blown RPG’s with their own diorama’s that took up entire tables – we saw some proper table top gaming at it’s finest.


However, unlike last year the table top games weren’t run solely by The Geek Club. This year we saw Rider Viper running a few Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon Trading Card Game matches as well. Did the Geek Club get competition? Nope, it got a partner.

Pruve Comics

Conventions have always been a place for independent artists to showcase their work. Last year we saw the talented Asad Farook offering us A4 prints of his art. Asad returned to SLCG this year, not as a solo artist, but as part of the Pruve collective.

In case you’re lost: Pruve is an upcoming comic publishing company started by a few dedicated Sri Lankan artists. Keyword being upcoming, because most of its artists are working on their stories, with the exception of Sahan Munasinghe, who is behind the web comic Rain At Dawn.


They showed us samples of their works as individual artists. All of which was impressive. We would’ve bought a few for our office but we’ve got one too many awesome posters as it is. Too much awesome is unhealthy.

Well there you have it folks

That’s what was built upon last year’s foundation. Are we impressed? Yes. It’s still going to take a lot of work, but at this rate SLCG could evolve into own comic-con in a few years.


  1. […] SLCG is the biggest e-sports tournament in Sri Lanka, which grows every year. This is a fact set in stone. We’ve always considered SLCG to be an awesome event. However this year’s SLCG raised the bar so much higher that we need one of NASA’s telescopes to find the bar. Not only did we have an awesome e-sports tournament but also the biggest celebration of geek culture in Sri Lanka. […]


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