SLT eSports Championship 2016 Grandly Concludes


For a second consecutive year, Sri Lanka Telecom partnered up with Redline Technologies and Xiphos eSports to host SLT eSports Championship 2016. However, this year’s edition wasn’t limited to one event. The partnered organizers were aimed at bringing this eSports experience to all corners of the country, and so they did. Starting from Jaffna, the qualifiers extended to Kandy, Galle, and finally to the main event in Colombo. This main event was hosted alongside Sri Lanka’s biggest ICT exhibition, Infotel 2016 from November 11-13 at BMICH.

SLT eSports Championship
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During the three action-packed days, the doors were open for all visitors to register and take part in 8 competitive titles for free. This year we saw that the tournament was filled with a very high number of participants in total compared to what we see in structured tournaments. Not only was the registrations free, all participants were eligible to take part in a tournament that had a prize pool of two million Rupees in cash! The following competitive titles were played:

Team Games –

  • DOTA 2
  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  • Overwatch

Individual Games –

  • FIFA 16
  • Project Cars
  • Mortal Kombat XL
  • COD: Black Ops 3

Apart from the usually seen titles, Overwatch and Black Ops 3 stood out to be the attractions of the SLT eSports Championship as there was an unexpectedly high crowd of participants and enthusiasts. Despite being the first tournament, Overwatch called in 14 teams who showed some amazing plays that made the crowd realize that they are very well keeping up with the rest of the world when being competitive. The 6v6 format of best of 3 matches gave every team an equal opportunity to show their skills and to outplay their opponents fairly. It was a remarkable sighting to see new faces play so strategically and to have the opportunity to see them make their plays on a superbly large screen right behind the main stage.

SLT eSports Championship
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For each gaming arena inside the hall, there were big screens showing the ongoing matches live for spectators to enjoy. It was well organized with enough space to ensure both players and spectators get to do their part comfortably. Even the setup of the venue was well arranged for visitors to navigate to whichever game they wanted to see as well. This was a massive improvement compared to last year, when we had literally swim our way from one end of the hall to the other.

While all the surrounding factors were matched, the SLT eSports Championship didn’t forget to once again bring some of the best of local gaming moments as well. A solid performance by the organizing clan, Xiphos eSports was a highlight of the event. It was greatly contested by Phoenix GaminG who once again gave out a strong overall performance. However, a table-turning performance by the former FIFA 11 Champion, FashBullet from Maximum eSports made a big impact by winning the title after 5 years! It was followed by a surprisingly new League of Legends team representing Tech Morph who almost outplayed the reigning champions.

After three days of intense battles, the following cyber-athletes prevailed dominant:

DOTA 2 –

  • Winner – PnX|The Kade.MSI
  • Runner-up – x3 | Good Game

League of Legends –

  • Winner – PnX|Team Phoenix.MSI
  • Runner-up – TM.Legendary Noobs

Counter-Strike Global Offensive –

  • Winner – Radicals
  • Runner-up – PnX|Aussterben.MSI

Overwatch –

  • Winner – x3 | PressQFTW.GIGABYTE
  • Runner-up – INSAYN

Mortal Kombat XL –

  • Winner – x3 | Deadpool
  • Runner-up – x3 | MetalStorm

FIFA 16 –

  • Winner – FlashBullet
  • Runner-up – TM.Penaldo

Project Cars –

  • Winner – x3 | LokDown
  • Runner-up – x3 | CodeNatsu

Apart from the main titles, there was once again a Mortal Kombat XL Female title and another special League of Legends Unisex title. Not only did they bring out the girl power through games but also gave the female participants a chance to show that they are up with the game as well.

SLT eSports Championship
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With that the second edition of SLT eSports Championship concluded grandly making it a fun-filled extended weekend for all eSports enthusiasts of the country. SLT with the partnership of RLG and Xiphos eSports once again hosted a massive tournament with a brag-worthy prize pool. With hopes to see more tournaments of this scale or bigger, we look forward to see you at the next SLT eSports Championship.


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