SLT installs a drive through for bill payments


Bills, as much as we love the finer things in life like internet, cable TV and telephone lines, bill payments are always the dark side we hate about them, no matter how good the services are. Besides the drain on our wallets, we have to first go through the hassle of finding a parking space, and then afterwards test our patience in queues who just want to finish the process and go home.

Let’s face it no matter where we pay bills; it’s always the same story, but if you’re an SLT customer in Maradana, we got some good news for you! On the 9th of July, SLT became the 1st operator, to install a drive through for bill payments, at their Maradana Teleshop.

SLT Maradana Teleshop Drive Through payment location_

A drive through for bill payments! So say goodbye to those annoying searches for parking space, instead just drive in, pay your bills and get on your way to do whatever it is you need to do. (If you live in Maradana that is)

Currently SLT still has 3000 places at which you can pay your bills at, and if you’re someone who doesn’t want to leave the comforts of home, to visit any of these places, then you can always pay online at SLT’s website or have a mobile collection team visit your home.

Speaking on this new method of bill payment, Mr Lalith de Silva, Group CEO of SLT said, “Our strategy behind this initiative is to enhance customer experience at each and every customer touch point. Through this, we hope to get closer to our customers, and make their lives easier by helping them to carry out their daily activities with as minimum disruption to their busy lives as possible.”

While this new drive-through service will definitely eliminate the hassle of searching for parking space, the question remains, will it eliminate the bill payment queues? We are guessing, there will always be those people who will argue that they were overcharged or some other issue with their bills, at least now there is the comfort of your car/bike seats instead of standing in the same queue while these guys make their arguments.

So if you’re in Maradana and heading over to the SLT Teleshop, please do tell us your thoughts on this new drive-through in the comments section below.



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