SLT Rainbow Pages’ new ‘Mobile App’


SLT Rainbow Pages’ new ‘Mobile App’ 6

Millions of Sri Lankans receive all the information they need with  SLT Rainbow Pages’ new ‘Mobile App’

SLT RAINBOW PAGES recently launched its unique ‘Rainbow Pages Mobile App’ on Android to further enhance convenience and ease of use for customers on the move. The mobile phone is increasingly becoming a lifeline for users and SLT RAINBOW PAGES has been quick to realize that this trend provides an opportunity to launch a Mobile App that will increase the appeal of SLT Rainbow Pages across all ages as it provides ‘real-time’ directory information.


Designed with attractive and fast loading features, the Rainbow Pages Mobile App offers Android phone users the facility to search the SLT RAINBOW PAGES for products and services in their specific geographical area or the rest of the country. In addition, the product provides access to an exhaustive list of business addresses, telephone numbers and other contact information.  


Malraj Balapitiya, Chief Executive Officer, SLT VisionCom (Pvt) Ltd., and SLT Publications (Pvt) Ltd., commented: “The sheer convenience of SLT RAINBOW PAGES makes it the only comprehensive directory information provider in Sri Lanka, further cementing its credentials. We are responsive to customer needs and such product innovations help to enhance customer convenience and drive customer retention. We expect these innovative solutions to help generate additional revenue from banner and other promotional offers. Also, we are upbeat about the prospects for the Mobile App and feel this new innovation will increase the visibility of SLT RAINBOW PAGES. This Mobile App facility is also available to non SLT customers who do not have access to the printed version of the directory. SLT RAINBOW PAGES while giving additional exposure to our valued customers through many innovations has further bridged the gap between customers and product & service suppliers. The Android operating system has grown to become the most widely used smartphone operating systems in the world and with this launch we hope that all Sri Lankans will enjoy even more ease and convenience.”


The SLT RAINBOW PAGES Mobile App offers ‘Search by keyword’, ‘Search by category’ and ‘Search business through the most popular category’ to make the process of finding useful information a pleasurable one. Time equals money in today’s hectic lifestyle and accessing business information at one’s fingertips makes SLT Rainbow’s Mobile Apps an invaluable asset. In order to expedite the searching capability, it consists of predictive text and quick links to top categories. The auto-complete feature remembers your favorite search terms making it easier to access past or favorites (pick one) on-the-go.


Speaking at the launch, Ruwan Wijetunga, General Manager, SLT Publications (Pvt) Ltd., had this to say:    “ SLT RAINBOW PAGES is yet again setting a new paradigm for the industry. The SLT RAINBOW PAGES is always looking at innovating ways to provide a user friendly directory with comprehensive information that supports and promotes business organisations while providing optimum visibility and accessibility.”


SLT Publications (Pvt.) Ltd., popularly known as the RAINBOW PAGES is the publisher of the comprehensive National Business Directory – SLT RAINBOW PAGES and holds the unique position of being the foremost Directory publisher in Sri Lanka. SLT has a proud history of Directory publishing dating back to the late 1930’s. SLT launched its own directory division in 2002 which is SLT Publications (Pvt) Ltd., popularly known as the RAINBOW PAGES, is a fully owned subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom. SLT RAINBOW PAGES is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. The SLT RAINBOW PAGES is the ultimate guide for anyone seeking contact information on any business, product or service supplier in Sri Lanka. 


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