Snapchat Just Got Smarter In Recognizing Your Photos


Snapchat has come a long way since being an app to merely snap pics of people with dog ears and matching nose to boot. In fact, Snapchat is now actually making use of object recognition to detect what objects are in your snaps. Why? Because it can suggest related filters for you to use. Snap a pic of your favorite comfort food and the app would suggest filters with matching slogans as well.

Your snaps just got smarter

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, announced that the filters with object recognition had begun the rolling out process during the past week. While they didn’t exactly go into detail about what filters had been added, common categories such as pets, food, and holiday destinations such as beaches seem to trigger specific filters. We assume that the company will add more filters along the way. If you’re interested, you can test out the filters by snapping some pictures of the above categories and see if they work for you.

Snapchat offering filters based on identified objects such as food, pets and holiday destinations
Image Credits: The Verge

Snapchat has done it before as well

If you’ve been following the developments of Snapchat, then you would probably know that the company already uses object recognition in the app’s story feature. This is used to find certain objects and events in stories. For example, searching for a sport such a baseball or basketball would allow you to find stories of related games.

Searching for Basketball in Snapchat shows related stories (Image Credits: CNBC)

Working in tandem with the augmented reality masks, Snap is really trying to hold on to their user base whilst facing competition from rivals such as Instagram. In addition, Snapchat is also supposedly undergoing a facelift which should happen soon.

Redefining reality

Snapchat mastering AR and object recognition could also mean that for them, reality is indeed boring and this is the company’s attempt to disrupt traditional photos. In addition, this could also be a potential gold mine for advertising and revenue generation.

For example, in July 2016, Snapchat filed a patent application where object recognition would be used to identify items in a user’s snaps. From there, the user would be offered image overlays from brands related to the objects.

A new revenue stream?

Further, one patent application even described how if a user might take a picture of a cup of coffee, brands such as Nescafe and Keurig would compete to sponsor a coffee-themed filter. How successful this would be remains to be seen but indeed things are going to get even more interesting.

If you still haven’t used Snapchat, you download it for iOS and Android. If you want to be a part of the beta program for Android, you can do so by clicking here.


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