Snapchat To Launch Original Shows For Snap TV


If you’re a person who spends their fair share of time on Snapchat, then this will definitely interest you. Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat is currently working with a host of media companies to strengthen the app’s original content. This essentially means that Snapchat will have literal stories in the Stories section from content providers such as NBC Universal, Turner, Discovery, ESPN, Vice Media, and the NFL. These companies would produce original content for Snap TV. Adding to that list would be Scripps Networks Interactive, the owner of Food Network, who would be creating original content as well.

Snap TV Snapchat
Image Credits: Wired

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Snap TV will be available in the Stories section of Snapchat (as mentioned above). Approximately two to three episodes of this original content will air. The duration of each of these episodes would be around three to five minutes long and will air everyday starting towards the latter part of 2017.

What would Snap TV have?

Rather than have promo videos and advertisements, Snap Inc actually wants to air original content such as scripted dramas, daily news shows, animated series, etc. Imagine checking Snapchat to see the latest developments in Sports while you take your morning selfie. Another example could be what NBC Universal did as their first show. It was essentially a Snapchat version of The Voice where users sent 10-second audition clips. The winner of the competition made an actual appearance on the live TV version of The Voice. This could actually be a thing where people who want to take part in these competitions can audition via the app. This would also mean that people would spend a lot more time on Snapchat, where some spend almost 30 minutes in the app daily.

In terms of advertising and revenue, Snapchat is currently giving content partners a portion of revenues from ads rather than pay for the original content itself. For those partners who are in the existing Discover part of Snapchat, the company would give them upto 70% ad revenue. That is only if the partner sells the ad though. So if Snapchat sells the ad, the revenue is split into two identical halves. Whatever the method, Snapchat still have to prove that it has sufficient financial resources to justify their $25 billion valuation.

The timing of Snap Inc.’s decision is right after Twitter announced that they too have a lineup of content-partner deals to bring more live video content to the social media platform. Although whilst Twitter’s aim is to be a source of live and breaking-news, Snap TV appears to be more focused on developing TV-like shows for its platform.

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