Snapchat Wants You To Share Your Stories Everywhere


Snapchat, the popular send-it-and-forget-it image messaging app is currently working on a new feature. What is this feature, you ask? Well, according to a recent report, it’s called “Stories Everywhere”. The name sounds pretty self-explanatory, doesn’t it?

What is Stories Everywhere?

Think of Stories Everywhere as Snap’s effort to increase the app’s popularity and also increase the growth of the app, which has been stagnant for quite a while, especially due to competition from the likes of Facebook and Instagram. As such, Stories Everywhere will allow users to share their Snapchat stories in 3rd party applications, as well as the web.

Snapchat Stories Everywhere
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Snap’s goal here is to entice more users to use the app to create stories by allowing them to be shared on other platforms. Sharing on the web would also increase Snapchat’s exposure and help Snapchat’s user base grow. While Instagram stories can be shared on Facebook, that’s pretty much the extent to which these platforms support 3rd party applications.

If Snap plays their cards right, they could very well have an edge once again. In addition, the Web version of Snapchat could also be used to get people to sign up for Snapchat, thus making their investors happy.

Setting things up, Snapchat style

In order to carry out Snap’s new feature, the company has hired Rahul Chopra. Chopra was the former Vice President and global head of video and News Corp, a multinational mass media company based in the US.

While Stories Everywhere is still a feature under development, it would be Chopra’s job to figure out how exactly to market the new feature effectively if they are to increase their user base. It could be as easy as sharing a Snapchat story via a web player, after which the user is prompted to sign up and download the app.

Snapchat Stories Everywhere
Image Credits: Mashable

In addition, Snap has also been dabbling with the idea of allowing other apps to access its feeds of user-generated videos. These videos which are curated via algorithms and Snap employees cover everything from breaking news videos to sports games. If Snap were to give access to this content, that could be monetized, giving Snap additional revenue and also sending positive signals to the company’s investors.

Do you really want to post that?

In reality though, you really have to ask yourself if you want your stories published on multiple platforms. Despite snapchat stories lasting only 24 hours, it was only visible on Snapchat which meant you had control over who saw the story (he/she would have to be on your Snapchat profile). Would that all change once 3rd party applications get access to your stories?

Snapchat Stories Everywhere 1
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What do you think of Snapchat’s new Stories Everywhere feature? Leave a comment below.


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