Social Media Day Colombo 2017: A Grand Meetup Of Sorts


At almost every Social Media Day Colombo, the highlight for the day is its meetup session. Following the conference in the morning, we saw the crowd coming in the numbers for Social Media Day Colombo 2017. So what was exactly exciting about this year? We decided to find out ourselves.

Geek Club of Sri Lanka

Kicking off the 6th edition of Social Media Day Colombo, Thilani and Vasanth from Geek of Club of Sri Lanka took stage. Now, for those of you don’t know, Geek Club of Sri Lanka is an active group on facebook. The group acts as an active space for geeks or in other words, comic book lovers, movie buffs, gamers and the likes. Thilani and Vasanth first talked what being a geek is all about. The duo then talked about how the facebook group came into being. They mentioned how a few years back, there was no real platform or space for geeks to really engage with each other. Hence the facebook group. Now, the group caters to over 13,000 members.

Social Media Day Colombo 2017 | #EtiSMDayCMB
Image Credits: Sanoj Thiru

They also talked about Comic Con as well. The duo didn’t forget to brief everyone about what’s in store for everyone at this year’s Lanka Comic Con.

#EtiSMDayCMB 2017 Winners: Part 1

Following up Thilani and Vasanth’s session, we moved on to the first set of winners of #EtiSMDayCMB 2017. But not before talking a little bit about Etisalat’s cliQ app. Here’s the list of winners voted most popular.

  • Most popular newspaperDaily Mirror
  • Most popular TV channel: Derana
  • Most popular music portal:
  • Most popular content portal:
Social Media Day Colombo 2017 | #EtiSMDayCMB
Image Credits: Sanoj Thiru

Api Machan, Kalumalli and Meliza

Next up, we had the folks from Api Machan take stage. For those of you not familiar, Api Machan is a popular cover band on social media. They’re known for their beautiful renditions of classic sinhala songs. At Social Media Day Colombo 2017, the band made sure to entertain the audience with a live performance.

Social Media Day Colombo 2017 | #EtiSMDayCMB
Image Credits: Sanoj Thiru

Thereafter, we had 2 other popular social media personalities take stage as well. Kasun Gunasekara, or better known as kalumalli, and Meliza Leitch both took the spotlight at #EtiSmDayCMB 2017. Kasun talked about his journey in the social media space as kalumalli. While Kasun is mostly known for his entertaining videos on Facebook/YouTube, Meliza on the other hand, has a strong Instagram following. She talked about what its like being a social media influencer for her. Meliza talked about what she aims to do with her 86,000+ following on Instagram.

Wasthi Productions

By now pretty much everyone on facebook knows who Wasthi Productions is. So it comes as no surprise when the whole crowd erupted in cheers when these took the mike. The duo talked everything Wasthi, from how they started, their logo, to how they are now.

Social Media Day Colombo 2017 | #EtiSMDayCMB
Image Credits: Sanoj Thiru

They also spoke about how certain parties are ruining social media platforms like YouTube for the local community. Wasthi mentioned how TV channels sometimes dump all their tv content on YouTube just to get views. The duo emphasized that youtubers and other social media influencers should always protect each other and not let others ruin the platform for the community.

#EtiSMDayCMB 2017 Winners: Part 2

Now we move on to the final set of winners for this year’s Social Media Day Colombo.

  • Most popular vlogger, education category: Chanux Bro
  • Most popular vlogger, entertainment category: Wasthi Productions
  • Most popular community facebook page, entertainment category: Sri Lanka Troll Cricket
  • Most popular community facebook page, original content: Wasthi Productions
  • Most popular journalist: Chathura Alwis
  • Most popular celebrity: Iraj
  • Most popular personality: Chanux Bro

Along with the second set of awards, few other prominent social media influencers addressed the crowd at Social Media Day Colombo 2017, before the day’s proceedings came to a close. But as always, #EtiSMDayCMB isn’t complete without a proper entertaining performance. The Noise Project band didn’t disappoint.

Social Media Day Colombo 2017 | #EtiSMDayCMB
Image Credits: Sanoj Thiru

So there ends this year’s edition of Social Media Day Colombo. We at ReadMe look forward to see what the event has in store for 2018. Until next time.


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