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SIIIP is a program created by the Ministry of Higher Education to develop various innovative skills of the university and students in advanced technological institutes to create new solutions, innovations, inventions and products. Organised as a competition SIIIP aims to motivate the university students to showcase their innovative and creative talents.

The objective of the Ministry of Higher Education is to create a platform to empower research innovations in Sri Lanka and assist in the commercialization of inventions through this programme.

Sri Lankan Inventors Commission (SLIC) annually conducts “Sahasak Nimewum” National Exhibition of inventions and SIIIP aims to enhance the participation of the Higher Education Sector at this exhibition. The exhibition is scheduled to be held from 30th November to 2nd December at the BMICH Auditorium and Mihilaka Medura.

SIIIP is open for all students registered in any recognized higher education institute of the country such as all the universities, advanced technological institutes, vocational training and technical institutes and research institutes.

This competition is organized in the following categories and each category will be judged for the best product in each of the five verticals of ICT, Traditional knowledge, Electronics, Nano Technology and Import substitution.


  • Making disabled independent
  • Environment
  • Food
  • Agriculture
  • Health, Nutrition
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Teaching aids
  • Safety
  • Garments and accessories
  • Entertainment
  • Communication
  • Business management
  • Public and service management
  • Any other


Best innovation in each category in each vertical would be given an award and a cash prize by the Ministry of Higher Education. Ministry also plans to provide further training and guidance for commercialization of the selected products.

All the students will also be competing for the “Sahasak Nimawum” competition where they will receive awards for in each category and will also be entitled to compete for the overall best innovation award, a.k.a “Dasis award”.

Each representing higher education institute will have a coordinator who would be the main contact point between the students and the Ministry of Higher Education. Each student or the student team must have a mentor who is an academic staff member. Ministry of Higher Education will conduct training programmes for the potential mentors. Mentors of the winning teams also will be recognized at the awards ceremony.

Ministry of Higher Education will also telecast a TV series to help these young inventors to demonstrate their talents and find potential investors for commercializing their innovations.



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