Sri Lanka to get access to a new submarine cable


According to this report by the Times of India, several international megacorporations are banding together to construct another submarine cable system. The BBG cable system, as it is called, is to be an 8000-km megatentable linking Malaysia and Singapore to the Oman and the UAE, with connections reaching out to India and Sri Lanka. It also apparently adopts tech that will allow net bandwidth of around 28.4 Terabits per second. That’s equal to 28,400 Gbps.


“The construction of BBG is planned not only to provide connectivity between South East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East but also to Europe, Africa and to the far East Asia through interconnections with other existing and newly built cable systems landing in India, Middle East and far East Asia,” said Reliance Industries, the parent company of Reliance Jio Infocomm, one of the members of the commercial consortium that will build and maintain the cable. The other consortium members are — Telekom Malaysia Berhad (Malaysia), Vodafone Group (UK), Omantel (Oman), Etisalat (UAE) and Dialog Axiata of Sri Lanka.

This is welcome news indeed in cable-starved Sri Lanka, where expensive internet and high pings are the norm. The practical benefits of this? Networks using this cable will likely deliver much better latencies to people connecting to servers in the above-mentioned countries. We’re also less likely to see fluctuations in download rates as network traffic is squeezed through already-full cables.



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  1. In one of the more ‘hands on’ examples of cyber-espionage we’ve seen in a while, Egypt’s military has reported that it’s managed to arrest three scuba divers in the process of trying to sever an undersea cable that connects the country to the World Wide Web. Speaking on the Egyptian armed forces Facebook page, Colonel Ahmed Mohammed Ali, said that a navy patrol vessel caught the three men.


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