People choice award places Sri Lanka 5th at Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012


Microsoft Imagine cup 2012 award ceremony was held on 10th July. Team v360, project: Back2earth representing Sri Lanka was ranked 5th out of 75 competitors (People choice award ). Back2earth’s theme was Safeguard environmental sustainability. Bing, Windows Phone, Silverlight were the used technologies.


Team v360 members
Malindasilva, Ruckshan Danagalla, Thurupathan and team mentor Sajinij. (Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa)


What is Back2earth?
A Mobile-based IT Solution to aid Environmental Destruction Management. It comprises of a mobile application to Tag, Monitor, Run & Evaluate a given problem-point through crowd sourcing & information sharing while transmitting the validated data to relevant public authorities with interest in environmental protection. Whether it be tagging pollution, tree-cutting offenses, smoking vehicles, emissions or other forms of environmental destruction, Back2Earth can capture it all. Moreover, we have incorporated a gaming element to gather and retain the interest of social media users through Facebook, to keep them alert and interested in contributing to a social cause where it be online or on-the-go. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace as long as you have a device that can access the Internet, Back2Earth helps you to support the protection of your environment. In an age where the world is driven by Mobile Apps, where people prefer living online and are highly focused on convenience, mobility and accessibility, we decided to make an IT-based environmental solution that is locally customizable, socially engaging for a generous cause and which is mobile and easily accessible!

[box_light]Congratulations and warm wishes from Team ReadMe[/box_light]


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