SL to upgrade the ’07 Computer Crimes Act


After almost 50 government websites were breached (most of them very embarrassingly), the Government of Sri Lanka is considering amendments to the Computer Crimes Act of 2007. According to Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, Minister for Information technology, the amendments to the Act would be decided following a discussion with the Defence Ministry.

According to the Minister, the country’s computer literacy is yet to grow and people need to be more aware of hacking. While this is a thoroughly honest statement, people’s awareness of hacking is unlikely to affect the number of government websites being penetrated, nor is computer literacy dependent upon legislature. It is widely hoped that the Computer Crimes Act includes powerful, coherent protocol in case of critical system breaches.  

A very succinct summary of the 2007 computer Crimes Act can be found on this page.


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  1. Good to see. Also there are some points needs to consider.

    As I saw most of the government web sites are built using Joomla or some other CMS. But most of goverment organizations do not update there websites. Its the basic thing you have to update the CMS when there new updates available. This will protect website from attacks.

    Also next point is Hosting:
    There are many hosting places. But when its very critical website you should have to consider about the security also.


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