Sri Lankan Kreyonic goes to Waterloo with Qboo


[pullquote_right]“Encourage physical play in children and make screen time more meaningful.”[/pullquote_right]Known for successfully playing around with the concept of next generation of toys, local tech start-up Kreyonic unveiled its new project, Qboo – an interactive educational tablet application. 

A crowdfunding campaign began recently for this “next year’s hottest Christmas toy”. Kreyonic traveled more than 15-thousand kilometres from Sri Lanka to Waterloo Region to create this unique, educational and innovative toy that is raising $25,000 to go to market. Kreyonic researches and develops smart plush toys that interact with educational tablet apps – Qboo is the first in the product line that features a set of farm animals.


Made of fabric, bundled with an interactive educational tablet application, children can place toys on the tablet screen and the application presents a variety of creative activities based on the type of toy. The application encourages non-structured, open-ended game play. Children can choose the characters they want in their story and characters come to life in a digital world listening and responding to children.


An enthusiastic Kreyonic CEO Lahiru Priyadarshana believes that in order to tackle the concern of children and increased digitisation, it was important to “encourage physical play in children and make screen time more meaningful.” The smart plush toy Qboo is a hamper of engineering, human computer interaction and e-learning.


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