Three Sri Lankan startups have been selected for SLUSH 2016


Last month, an opportunity was presented to Sri Lankan startups. This opportunity was a chance to attend SLUSH 2016 and be a part of its Global Impact Accelerator. In case you’re lost, Slush is one of Europe’s leading startup and technology events. It happens in Helsinki, Finland over the course of 2 days. It connects startups and tech talent with international investors, executives, and media. Last year alone, it saw 15,000 attendees from 100 countries.

The Slush Global Impact Accelerator is a program created in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and many partners globally. The program has two simple purposes. The first is to support startups working to solve the world’s biggest problems. The second is to promote discussions around impact investing. The program also includes online pre-event coaching and Helsinki boot camp program. The program begins on November 22nd and ends on December 2nd, culminating in Slush.

The local competition started in August. Startups filled out an application form and took part. As with most competitions, these startups gave a pitch to a panel of judges. Finally, three lucky startups were selected. These three startups have the chance of representing Sri Lanka at the Slush Global Impact Accelerator. And these three Sri Lankan startups are as follows.

1. HypeHash

The HypeHash team at Disrupt Asia (Image credits: Malshan Gunawardane)
The HypeHash team at Disrupt Asia (Image credits: Malshan Gunawardane)

Hype Hash is a startup offering an e-commerce platform for designers. It’s a platform that revolves around popular social events. We first saw them in action at AngelHack, where they were the winners. Since then they’ve grown leaps and bounds. We’ve seen them at Disrupt Asia and at SeedStars Colombo. Today, they’re representing Sri Lanka at AngelHack Demo Day happening in San Francisco. Tomorrow, they’ll be at SLUSH 2016.

2. NicNac

NicNac making its pitch at Seedstars Colombo (Image credits: Malshan Gunawardane)
NicNac making its pitch at Seedstars Colombo (Image credits: Malshan Gunawardane)

NicNac is the latest venture by the folks at Erbenlab. This is a service that is all about giving you anything you want. Want some breakfast? Ask NicNac. Want some makeup from Singapore? Ask NicNac. Do you need get your license from the police? Ask NicNac. Yup, there’s a lot you can get from NicNac. You can find our original review of NicNac here. Over the past few months, it has seen some tremendous growth.  Just like HypeHash they too were at SeedStars Colombo.

3. Pulz Solutions

Pulz Solutions is a 4-year-old company. What do they do? They build wearables. These wearables are used to check the health of people with sicknesses such as Heart Attacks, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Asthma. This work has also been recognized and won them quite a few prestigious awards.  Their current project is the Panacea’s Medi-Belt. As the name suggests, it’s a belt that can monitor the ECG status of patients. You can learn more about the project here.

So what’s next?

There's a lot to gain at SLUSH 2016 (Image credits:
There’s a lot to gain at SLUSH 2016 (Image credits:

These are the startups that have the chance representing Sri Lanka at SLUSH 2016. They only have to cross one more hurdle. That hurdle is a video pitch. This the final hurdle these three startups need to overcome. However, at the end of it, there can only be one winner among these three startups. The winner will have the honor of representing Sri Lanka at Slush 2016.


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